Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today was a travel day. I am now three time zones away from where I was on Monday. 12 hours of driving and I am now sitting in Vancouver. I am bringing out promotional material to my Dad who is a big Mural Mosaic supporter out on the west coast. He is going to be promoting the mural to the west coast folk all November and December. My Dad I think can talk better about the mural then me even. He is so proud of the murals we have done. His passion for the murals is even greater sometimes then the people who help create the murals. I am soooo lucky to have supportive parents like I do. We are also very lucky to have Beatrice- Lewis and Paul's wonderful mother who really helps keep us going in the studio daily. Mural Mosaic is all about our big extended family....including the artists.

Hey make sure you keep checking out the mural mosaic website...specifically this page

This mural is soooooo cool and will slowly come together before your very eyes. Almost every Monday a new King/ruler will be added to the mural. Its an incredible history book through hundreds of paintings that will in the end create another mural. Watch it come to life!!

Here is last weeks King:

Panel #47
King of Israel
874 BC-853 BC.
853 BC died in battle
Keep checking the website...its awesome!!

So while I am out here in Vancouver I am going to see Madonna in concert. heard me....Madonna. Did I ever think I would go see her in concert...not really. But I am actually looking very forward to it. I think the woman is a brilliant marketer. She has an uncanny ability that you don't find in too many. She knows exactly how to play the media and keep her fans and critics on their toes. I am almost willing to bet that her whole divorce is a media stunt that after the end of the tour the two will reunite. Knowing her, she probably just wants to look more appealing to her male fans while she is touring so she can sell more records. Once the tour is done they will reconcile and all will be well. But in the mean time her and Britney Spears will have another go.
She is one of those people that when you are old and grey like or hate her she will go down in the books as someone who changed the music world and more. The question is was it for the good or bad?? I have my opinions ...and for the most part well...lets just say I have my opinions. But she is a great marketer...and no matter what her music will bring me back to the old High School Hall party memories.
The best part is...I bought a pair of chaps in Columbus at congress so I could wear them to see Madonna..ha...ha...ewww. I didn't.
But I do have a cone shaped bra! I don't.
On another note....
Did I mention the King of Kings mural?


delia said...

oh my gosh! Phil you had me visualizing you in chaps and bra!!!!! I 'wanted' to say it was a pretty sight, but then on second though, I'm glad it was just a thought...he he
so nice to see this mural project is a "family" project...yes unity!

Of course Lewis' King Mural is my favorite, I can't wait for the finished image, which I recognized when only a half a dozen panels where painted.


Michelle Grant said...

OMGosh! I'm in Vancouver too! And I am NOT SEEING MADONNA!! I am sooo jealous! I love her and her whole marketing *thing*...I'm green with envy. If I had only known she was playing here.

I'm on my son's computer, and now I'm pouting about not seeing Madonna...oh well. On to Vegas!