Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UH OH!!!!

So today had a lot going on yet not alot at the same time. We arrived this morning and looked up at the mural and instant panic hit as we looked up and a panel was missing from the mural ZOINKS- SCOOB!! We looked around the base of the mural to see if it had fallen and it was not there. Our hearts raced for a moment before one of the Congress security came over and let us know a panel had fallen from the mural and it was in safe hands. Miraculously- it was in fine shape too. So we instantly contacted our awesome support staff and had the panel replaced and made sure it would never happen again!
While this excitement was going on, a group of people (who just happened to love the mural) stopped in front of the mural with none other then the newly appointed Queen of the Congress! So- Because everyone loves the mural (as I believe was mentioned in the last blog) they wanted to have the Queen photographed in front of the mural by herself! Suddenly the morning began to take an upswing!!

This of course only made Pauls day even better as he had figured out the mural problem, he had his daily cinnamon roll and now we had a great photo shoot happening in front of our mural!But the best came later! Len was once again his theatrical self. All day long he talked to people about the mural.He had audiences in awe and often ended his speech with a touching story about his wife and her lovely painting of a hobby horse in square #1 of the mural.After a long day of speaking though Len was extremely tired and fell asleep. Deep deep sleep.
It was then we could tell he started to dream. Oh yes...Len drifted off to the land of little horsies and his life as a child. He dreamed of his little ranch in his little world where horsies were abundant. Cute little horsies. He really loved these little horsies...I can see them now....cute little things...

He lay there on the bench with a smile growing from ear to ear. You knew his dream was getting better and better.

Suddenly he twitched and you could tell something was wrong.

He really wanted to ride one of the little horsies in his dream but he wasn't allowed. Poor little Lenny could only watch from a far as all the older kids rode the horses wild and free. Then from behind the stable a kind man with a little yellow hat and a curious monkey stopped by and said "Little Lenny- I know you can't ride the real horsies- so me and my curious monkey(who apparently was named George??) have brought you a gift...The Horse Gift" (remember - this is Len's dream and I am just telling the story for him. Not sure where the man with the yellow hat and the curious monkey came from-hmmm...anyways- back to the dream)
So little Lennie reached out and into his arms the curious monkey handed Len his own little horsie. A hobby horse much like the one he had talked about all day long describing the mural. It was truly a "Horse Gift" indeed!! Little Lenny was thrilled!!
And then it happened!! Len awoke from his dream and was a new man. He suddenly bounced around like a man possessed! We couldn;t figure out what he was doing until he "grabbed the reins!" Len was riding his horse just like he did as a child in his dream!!
We all were amazed as he rode his valiant stead around the mural. It was....well....it was like a dream. Then we realized ...it was not only a dream to Len...but we were all dreaming as Len slowly began to blur and fade into the mural as he rode off into the blue of the Congress Hall carpet.

Truth is,it was kinda slow today at Congress and I guess we all had our own vision of the Horse Gift...
Giddy up Len....Giddy up!

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bootsnroses said...

Hi Phil,
Thanks for this blog, it is quite entertaining. Sure wish I could be there, it is frustrating to see the fantastic photos of the mural and not see my panel down in the corner! There is always something or someone in front of it! But overall, the mural is absolutely beautiful! Please keep posting on your blog, love to hear about it!
Joan Viney