Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today was a travel day. I am now three time zones away from where I was on Monday. 12 hours of driving and I am now sitting in Vancouver. I am bringing out promotional material to my Dad who is a big Mural Mosaic supporter out on the west coast. He is going to be promoting the mural to the west coast folk all November and December. My Dad I think can talk better about the mural then me even. He is so proud of the murals we have done. His passion for the murals is even greater sometimes then the people who help create the murals. I am soooo lucky to have supportive parents like I do. We are also very lucky to have Beatrice- Lewis and Paul's wonderful mother who really helps keep us going in the studio daily. Mural Mosaic is all about our big extended family....including the artists.

Hey make sure you keep checking out the mural mosaic website...specifically this page

This mural is soooooo cool and will slowly come together before your very eyes. Almost every Monday a new King/ruler will be added to the mural. Its an incredible history book through hundreds of paintings that will in the end create another mural. Watch it come to life!!

Here is last weeks King:

Panel #47
King of Israel
874 BC-853 BC.
853 BC died in battle
Keep checking the website...its awesome!!

So while I am out here in Vancouver I am going to see Madonna in concert. heard me....Madonna. Did I ever think I would go see her in concert...not really. But I am actually looking very forward to it. I think the woman is a brilliant marketer. She has an uncanny ability that you don't find in too many. She knows exactly how to play the media and keep her fans and critics on their toes. I am almost willing to bet that her whole divorce is a media stunt that after the end of the tour the two will reunite. Knowing her, she probably just wants to look more appealing to her male fans while she is touring so she can sell more records. Once the tour is done they will reconcile and all will be well. But in the mean time her and Britney Spears will have another go.
She is one of those people that when you are old and grey like or hate her she will go down in the books as someone who changed the music world and more. The question is was it for the good or bad?? I have my opinions ...and for the most part well...lets just say I have my opinions. But she is a great marketer...and no matter what her music will bring me back to the old High School Hall party memories.
The best part is...I bought a pair of chaps in Columbus at congress so I could wear them to see Madonna..ha...ha...ewww. I didn't.
But I do have a cone shaped bra! I don't.
On another note....
Did I mention the King of Kings mural?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am just writing quickly before I head out the door on a 12 hour drive to Vancouver. Things never stop here. We spent yesterday getting ALL packing necessary to ship to artists around the world. It was insane the amount of cardboard we just ordered. Plus to make the day more interesting Paul almost lost his finger. He is ok...but his finger was pounding like Fred Flinstones when he hits it with a hammer.

So we are getting set for Vegas and are thrilled to also mention that coming up soon there will be a big feature on us on Cowboy Country Television. Coming in the next week or two I believe.

Horse Illustrated is doing a feature on the mural as is Cowboys and indians who will have a big article coming ou in the New Year.

So here is some pics of memories from Ohio. Ths kids love for this mural was so fun to is a toast to the little ones :-)

So as we close out the first mural adventure in the US...the children have seen it all and are now exhausted from the adventure as are we....
Goodnight Ohio.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was pretty crazy the last two days so this blog will sum it all up. After the show in Toronto I had to boot it back to Columbus asap to help Paul finish the last day with the mural. So on Sunday I quickly jumped in a cab with Lewis and off to the airport we went. Lewis had to catch a flight back to Edmonton as well so the "air" was full of team Mosaic Sunday afternoon. As Lewis jumped out to get on his plane while I carried on to my terminal I quickly snapped a couple of photos. Silly me though. Lewis has been known to have Paparazzi flashbacks after he painted for Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. I completely forgot and thus I triggered this reaction below. I guess he recovered in time to check in though.( didn't use a flash so that helped)
I got back to Columbus looking forward to talk mural to the masses for the last few hours of Congress but I ARRIVED LATE at 4:30 Ohio time (I was late because my pilot couldn't remember where he had parked his plane and apparently was wandering the airport in Toronto for an hour dangling his his plane keys and pacing aimlessly). Turns out though...the Congress ended at 2 p.m. so it was over before I even got onto my plane. So as it turns out...I arrived in time to began the long task of putting the mural away. So Paul picked me up at the airport and off we went...a long night was ahead.
Here is a little video to commemorate the end of the Ohio tour...It was kind of a day of combined relief and sadness. But a day to treasure great memories...24 days in Columbus....

After we tore down we got back to the hotel late Sunday a.m. and then spent the day Monday running around like mad to get the mural shipped to the next location...LAS VEGAS!!!! Hopefully we will meet the mural there in December. Its always a little nerve racking shipping a giant know it should be fine but its not replaceable so there is always a knot in the stomach until you see your baby again.
I am here at home now and the process begins to prepare for Las Vegas and our other murals that we are about the begin.

On a final note, I have to say, that as beautiful as the mural is...the most beauty I find in all of this is what is brought to us through the artists. I was flying home last night thinking how fast time actually went. I sat there and recalled the moments...meeting artists like Jennifer Trottier, Anne Dysinger, Pat Getha, Cindy Bryden, Delia Pacheco, Mary Singer and Leslie Zantow and hearing all their stories and making new friends. To me as great as the paintings are its even greater to meet the people behind them and really see the beauty of the project. I am so lucky because I get to meet all these great people. Calgary was an unbelievable testimony to that as well.

Now the new adventure arises in one month. I have already heard that I will be seeing Michelle Grant again (yay!) and Sue Kroll is coming out so I look VERY forward to meeting Sue for the first time. Hopefully we will continue to meet more and more of you and you all get to see the mural at some point.

I'll keep writing if you all want to keep reading even though the tour in Ohio has ended. There is always new things to report so keep checking here. Now back to the grind of the office as we will be shipping artists their prints of the mural over the next week or so now that we are off the rest for the wicked ha!

TOMORROW...I will have a surprise....memories of Ohio!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

So I am just getting set to fly back to Ohio again for the last day of Congress. Lewis and I had a great show inToronto. Lewis did a fantastic painting live for the crowd and spent the evening doing portraits of people while I kept tabs on the art display. It was a busy night and the crowd had a good time. It was good seeing Lewis and updating him on the Mural in Ohio hanging out for a couple of days. Now back to Columbus to see how Paul made out on Friday and Saturday.

So I am FURIOUS right now as for the second time in two weeks while I was away my house was broken into AGAIN!!!!! I can't wait to get back to Edmonton and see what the heck is going on. Maybe the crook is reading this blog!!! If so...I am posting a picture of myself beside the CN Tower in Calgary to show just how huge I am as I obviously dwarf the tower. So beware....big bad Philly is back in town on Monday.

So in Ohio Len said goodbye to the crowds as he had to return back to Steak and Beans Trailers in Edmonton. He did a great job. It was amazing as he sang the entire soundtrack to Les Miserables to a huge audience for his big farewell. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Lastly The Getha Family came by for a farewell to the mural. I wish I would have been there to see Pat and the family but was great meetihg Pat and I know we will see her again and hopefully all the family to. So ...I have to run to catch my plane. See you in Ohio for the big farewell!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am in Toronto today getting set for an art exhibit with Lewis Lavoie (the main mural man :-)) and getting updates from Paul in Ohio until Sunday when I return. I guess it was really busy again at the mural showing today in Columbus. Thats great!!

GOOD NEWS!! Today I confirmed the mural will be in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo in December! So anyone wanting a holiday...ya gotta come see the mural and have some fun! Details will be posted soon. This will be the last tour date for 2008 but we are booking up all 2009. We are trying to hit all corners of North America so as many artists as possible can see the mural. It will take some time to confirm the tour dates but its going really well. Lots of good press coming soon too! Venues interested in the mural tour should contact me through the website

How about the caricatures sent to us by Mary Singer! They are fantastic!!! Thanks Mary!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So here is a video to give you an idea of how the crowds swarm the mural and how they all want to know more about this amazing art piece. I wish I had sound on my camera so you could hear the words.

It was another busy day. I am in the hotel room writing and quite tired and packing to leave Ohio to head to Toronto to do a Night of Artists Show and see friends I have not seen is so long. I will also be seeing Lewis Lavoie (friend and of course the designer of the murals). He is doing the show with me and will be doing a live painting at the show. I will videotape it for you all!

Today was great as not only was Len speaking to large crowds but others who have come by the mural daily because they just can't get enough of the mural, have started telling others all about it. Like this lady below who blew us all away by telling a big crowd about the mural on her own as we had a break and watched her. It was great!

The best thing of the day is always the kids....this picture rules!!!

So...I am signing off from Ohio and heading to Toronto. Here is me tired...writing this blog at my computer, saying goodnight and see you in Canada!I'll be back Sunday in Ohio to help put the mural away for a tearful goodbye...Its been a long tiring haul....but the memories will last.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today was busy busy! All the artists should be proud. Literally people walked up to the mural today and shed tears of joy. I am not kidding. People actually cried over the beauty of it. It was an amazing day as I have never seen so many people connect with a piece of art in such an unbelievable way. EVERYONE in the mural should be so proud. I swelled with pride as I talked about every ones work as I would describe how amazing it was everyday we received a new painting from each of the artists.

I am pretty tired tonight so this will be short- but everyone should check out the new issue of Cowboys and Indians. We have a two page spread sponsored ad promoting the mural!! Its amazing! Word is spreading so here is a toast to all the artists and Lewis Lavoie for orchestrating such a masterpiece.

Here is whats in Cowboys and Indians:

One more day for me here and then I have to head off to Toronto for a Night of Artists event for Two days. So I will be reporting from Canada. But will return to Ohio for the Grand Finale of the tour on Sunday. Keep watching as we reach the end of this great 3 week adventure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UH OH!!!!

So today had a lot going on yet not alot at the same time. We arrived this morning and looked up at the mural and instant panic hit as we looked up and a panel was missing from the mural ZOINKS- SCOOB!! We looked around the base of the mural to see if it had fallen and it was not there. Our hearts raced for a moment before one of the Congress security came over and let us know a panel had fallen from the mural and it was in safe hands. Miraculously- it was in fine shape too. So we instantly contacted our awesome support staff and had the panel replaced and made sure it would never happen again!
While this excitement was going on, a group of people (who just happened to love the mural) stopped in front of the mural with none other then the newly appointed Queen of the Congress! So- Because everyone loves the mural (as I believe was mentioned in the last blog) they wanted to have the Queen photographed in front of the mural by herself! Suddenly the morning began to take an upswing!!

This of course only made Pauls day even better as he had figured out the mural problem, he had his daily cinnamon roll and now we had a great photo shoot happening in front of our mural!But the best came later! Len was once again his theatrical self. All day long he talked to people about the mural.He had audiences in awe and often ended his speech with a touching story about his wife and her lovely painting of a hobby horse in square #1 of the mural.After a long day of speaking though Len was extremely tired and fell asleep. Deep deep sleep.
It was then we could tell he started to dream. Oh yes...Len drifted off to the land of little horsies and his life as a child. He dreamed of his little ranch in his little world where horsies were abundant. Cute little horsies. He really loved these little horsies...I can see them now....cute little things...

He lay there on the bench with a smile growing from ear to ear. You knew his dream was getting better and better.

Suddenly he twitched and you could tell something was wrong.

He really wanted to ride one of the little horsies in his dream but he wasn't allowed. Poor little Lenny could only watch from a far as all the older kids rode the horses wild and free. Then from behind the stable a kind man with a little yellow hat and a curious monkey stopped by and said "Little Lenny- I know you can't ride the real horsies- so me and my curious monkey(who apparently was named George??) have brought you a gift...The Horse Gift" (remember - this is Len's dream and I am just telling the story for him. Not sure where the man with the yellow hat and the curious monkey came from-hmmm...anyways- back to the dream)
So little Lennie reached out and into his arms the curious monkey handed Len his own little horsie. A hobby horse much like the one he had talked about all day long describing the mural. It was truly a "Horse Gift" indeed!! Little Lenny was thrilled!!
And then it happened!! Len awoke from his dream and was a new man. He suddenly bounced around like a man possessed! We couldn;t figure out what he was doing until he "grabbed the reins!" Len was riding his horse just like he did as a child in his dream!!
We all were amazed as he rode his valiant stead around the mural. It was like a dream. Then we realized was not only a dream to Len...but we were all dreaming as Len slowly began to blur and fade into the mural as he rode off into the blue of the Congress Hall carpet.

Truth is,it was kinda slow today at Congress and I guess we all had our own vision of the Horse Gift...
Giddy up Len....Giddy up!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I loved this shot Paul got of this guy...we see this all the time!

Today Paul took the day away from the show and did some work at the hotel and I spent the day with Len talking mural talk. It was busier then last week on Monday and Len entertained all day. It seemed a little uneventful without all the artists there to keep us company. However the state governors wife came by and LOVED the mural so that was cool.

I can only say so many times that people love the mural before it gets repetitive. So I will try to not to say anymore that people love the mural. I think I have said in all my blogs at least at some point that people love the mural. So I think in the fairness of the two people that read my blog that I will no longer mention that people love the mural so they will continue to read the blog and hope that they will understand that the pictures alone will show that people love the mural. After goes without saying that everyone loves the mural and it doesn;t need to be mentioned that they love the mural anymore.

Right kiddies? If you love the mural raise your hand....
or hands haha!!

So anyhoooo....I'm trying to connect with the horses a bit while I am here.I decided to head off to Stallion Avenue for a look see. Sounded pretty cool...

But my allergies must be a tip off to them.
No matter what I would say....
we always seemed to have a stand off....
And then we realized...we just weren't right for each other and both of us moved on. Maybe I should have gone to Chicks if I was smart...Paul had the right idea! Or did he....
So ...the best alternative was to drown my sorrows and have a good ole Philly for good ole Philly!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah....ewww...
I think I am needing to get away from here...soon.
I'm off and writing again today. Lots to write about after saturday and sunday. I missed the last couple of days as I have had some challenges here. Saturday night my lap top went on the blitz so I have had no access to my computer. Paul has allowed me use of his and hopefully mine can be fixed today. I have also been dealing with incredible shoulder pain. FRUSTRATING!! But then last night I found out someone broke into my home back in Edmonton so needless to say..I am ready to leave here any day soon now.

But on a good note the weekend was wonderful and interesting to say the least!
As i mentioned ...or warned haha- Len came to town! The legend himself...and well...with this smug look how can you not expect interesting things to happen.

Not only Len came to town but the highly anticipated arrival of our wonderful local team of artists from here- Mary Singer, Delia Pacheco, Pat Getha, Cindy Bryden and Leslie Zantow all spent the day with us. What a GREAT day!!

We have so enjoyed meeting the artists. What a great spirit behind this project. After the amazing Calgary experience with Michelle Grant, Wendy Palmer, Paula Hawkes, John Stone...etc etc ( if I named all the Calgary artists guests I'd need another full blog haha) I had no idea we could have another experience that would be so enjoyable. It is like meeting your long lost family. We shared some great laughs and even some tears. Delia surprised me with a beautiful painting of my little dog Roscoe who just recently passed away. I was overwhelmed and had to take a few minutes to gain my composure. The gesture was so touching and the painting of course moved me and brought back memories of good days.

The ladies were great companions for the weekend sharing wonderful stories and becoming celebrities around our booth. Crowds flocked to the mural and when they learned the artists were there - well - autographs were in demand. The ladies were heroes for the day as the amazed audiences were so thrilled to meet the actual artists in the mural.
Len provided great entertainment as well. He joined us in "bragging" up the artists in the mural. He had all of us in stitches and had many of the viewers of the mural came back as much tohear Len's one liners as they did to see the mural. There is so much pride in this mural. Len really showed how amazed he was with what the artists had done by how he passionately talked about the mural.

All day long Len bantered teasingly back and forth with the ladies until it came to a head! Mary Singer set him straight though!!

One whack with the magic cane and Len was immediately transformed into a workhorse- literally-and was sent off to get us all Cinnamon Rolls. He galloped over and waited in line like the rest only to find out they don't serve horses. So no cinnamon rolls for us.

Pat Getha brought her son out for the day too! What a treat he was. He was such a great little guy. He spent the entire day with us and was the happiest mural viewer ever. He never complained once and smiled the whole day long! What a wonderful joy to be around.

Lastly- if this doesn't show the beauty of this mural I don't know what does.