Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am just writing quickly before I head out the door on a 12 hour drive to Vancouver. Things never stop here. We spent yesterday getting ALL packing necessary to ship to artists around the world. It was insane the amount of cardboard we just ordered. Plus to make the day more interesting Paul almost lost his finger. He is ok...but his finger was pounding like Fred Flinstones when he hits it with a hammer.

So we are getting set for Vegas and are thrilled to also mention that coming up soon there will be a big feature on us on Cowboy Country Television. Coming in the next week or two I believe.

Horse Illustrated is doing a feature on the mural as is Cowboys and indians who will have a big article coming ou in the New Year.

So here is some pics of memories from Ohio. Ths kids love for this mural was so fun to is a toast to the little ones :-)

So as we close out the first mural adventure in the US...the children have seen it all and are now exhausted from the adventure as are we....
Goodnight Ohio.

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