Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The Three Wise Men begin their journey to see Jesus.

What an incredible act of faith to travel so far following a star in the hopes that they would meet a new born child that would be the messiah.

The star in the sky would be comparable in some ways to the due date of a child. When Amy and i shared the due date with our close family everyone began planning their various journey's. Our "wise men" were our moms, dads and siblings specifically. They began planning their trips from their various parts of North America to come see our little girl around the time when she was to be born. They began planning months in advance much like the three wise men. There was no guarantees when our little girl would be born but they all planned on faith that she would be born around the estimated due date.

So not only were we preparing for our child so were our "wise families". Everyone began preparing to welcome our little girl and also preparing to give us a s much support and love as possible. Not to mention, much like the wise men, they came bearing loving and special gifts.

The creation of a child is a journey for so many. God bless the symbolic "wise men" in our lives who take the long journey with us and provide us the support we so often need.

Pray for those who need more "wise men" in their lives to help them through the challenging times.

See the mural come to life here

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