Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The end of June has arrived and still one NOA show left on the horizon. I have been a bit wiped out so have been trying to gain my strength back. I had planned to have the artists from Night of Artists in the Works festival this year however due to a disagreement things did not work out with the Works and we were excluded from the festival. Unfortunate but sometimes we agree to disagree.
Nevertheless things are going quite well as the Vancouver show is shaping up incredibly well. July 10th will be a landmark date as it will be our first NOA show in Vancouver.
I am also busy getting ready to launch our NOA centennial mural on Friday July 2nd as well as participate in the two festival in Edmonton that we are very welcome in- the Taste of Edmonton and The ArtWalk. Both events are shaping up wonderfully and we are looking very forward to an exciting summer in Edmonton. I will be once again on the road beginning July 4th as I head west to Vancouver

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I have been home for the last few weeks just trying to get my life back in order from being away so much this spring. Still have one more show to focus on so i am still pursuing that. Also I am dealing with the mural launch which we hope to have happen within the next couple of weeks. Never a dull moment. My focus is to finish of the NOA year with bang in Vancouver and then take the next month or two to relax and paint. I soooooo need it right now. Night of Artists will not be in the Works as we had planned due to some rather unfortunate and odd circumstances. Maybe its just as well so I can actually re-charge my batteries a little. It will be nice to have a break.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I am finally home ...sheeeessh!! Its been a long three weeks betweeen Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. Driving to Vanocuver twice and back took a lot out of me.
The Victoria show was fabulous!! The art was amazing and we more then doubled our last years crowd. Sales as well!

All in all 2004 is a year where we have to be proud of what we have done. i am amazed at what hard work can do if you stick with it long enough.

I must admit I am a bit burnt out but now that i am at home I feel I can recharge for a week or two. One more show left and then looking ahead to 2005. Its hard to believe the miles I have covered since the first show in Slave Lake. Its been a great ride and I love the direction we are going.

Now that I am home I am looking forward to The Works festival and making new projects for the fall. But first... some sleep and a couple of rounds of golf. I think I deserve a break :-).

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Still in Victoria getting ready for the big show. Looks like we will have double the crowd thatw we had last year. It just takes time for people to see what we are doing and undertsnd how good it is! I have been doing show prep and at the same time painting in my hotel room which i like to call me little jail cell. It is a small room with a little toilet in one corner and a shower in the other. They both have doors though so at leats its not exactly like a jail cell haha. But at least i am only payin $70 a night... yipes!!! Everywhere else is $100 + a night!
The hazards of doing a show in a toursit community. I only pray i sell some artwork so i can pay for my hotel room... or should I say my bail to get out of this jail cell.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I am in Victoria at the moment plugging away. Did the Corporate Painitng Party last night and it was great once again! The trunout was wonderful and Mc Morrans and Opus did a great job of creating an event for us! Next thing on the agenda is the show on Saturday. I am booting around Victoira chatting it up and its looking like it will be another great show!! I look forward to the evening and showcasing to Victoria/Sidney the second annual NOA event in the area!
I am in need of some rest soon howvere. The travle to Ottawa and then jumping in my car to head to the coast has me a bit out of whck with the time zone change. The body clock is a bit messed up... yipes.