Friday, October 17, 2008

Today is officially 14 days since we arrived in Columbus. Hard to believe its two weeks already. It did kinda hit me tonight though as I am quite fatigued as is Paul. I love the mural but it can be quite a challenge to keep the same energy up for 12 hours a day for three straight weeks. With that said though we are hanging in there and save the fading off for the evenings. There were better crowds today so that was good. I think if we were to start a petition the entire horse community of the United States would demand the mural end up in Kentucky. Everyone that I speak to always says "This has to end up at the 2010 world equestrian games and permanently stay in Kentucky as an homage to the horse." I guess we will see. If the general public have any influence you never know. The artists in the mural deserve at least that for helping create such a stunning masterpiece.

My blog I feel is a bit lame tonight but tomorrow should be interesting. Len from Steak and Beans Trailers arives in town to see the mural on display and an entourage of our mural artists are coming to visit so there should be lots to talk about!

So instead I want to just make sure to mention Lewis Lavoie today as I am sure he would like to be here as well. At least for some of this. After all...he is the mastermind behind all this and deserves the kudos for his amazing talent in pulling this mural all together. Although Paul and I are here listening to all the praise I'd like to make sure we share that with all of the artists in this mural from around the world and of course Lewis who amazes us all everytime we do one of these murals. Although many may try to imitate the idea that Lewis has put forth and try to create their own mural mosaics- there is only one Monsieur Lavoie.

Lewis give yourself a round of applause! Maybe a clap or two for little Peter too!! Wish you were here!

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Sheri Gordon said...

Keep up the great work, Mon Ami! You guys are doing a FABULOUS job and I am SO PROUD to have been a part of this mural. The wonderful team behind it made it such a great, positive, uplifting experience.