Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another day in the books and we are half way to the finish line. As the weekend aproaches the crowds start to come in again. Today was more exciting as we received alot of new foot trafic and we had many people wanting to help get the mural into new places. Two very interesting people that came by were from Horse Illustrated/Young Rider Magazine. They LOVED the mural! They had been asked to come to Congress by their editor to find something new and exciting and they felt the mural was definitely it. They were really excited about the fact that the mural really reached out to all ages and how popular it was with young pre teen and teenage girls especially. They loved watching the crowds response as we chatted. We expect to hear more from them soon! Below is a common occurence as the mural becomes the ultimate landmark for people to get their picture taken beside.

So as the night ends Paul and I get set to leave and plan our daily dinner. Its surprisingly hot down here for October. We definitely did not dress for it. So we leave the air conditioning of the Congress hall and head out into the night air. Its kinda nice as you can still hear the crickets at night. We head on out into the parking lot and its a beautiful full moon that greets us.

So we plan our night which includes the debate on TV and a dinner at our hotel (oooo exciting stuff). That is where the full moon comes into play. We have the craziest hotel right now. Its completely undergoing renovations so its kind of like a war zone. My rooms fine but poor Paul has lights that don;t work, his TV has a tinted red TV screen, his internet connection is messed up, and his ironing board collapses every day when he tries to iron his shirt. My rooms awesome..ahhhhhhh

But the best part is the restaurant in the hotel. We only eat there once and a while because while you try to eat there...right beside your table is a dance floor where a dance club has their group social sessions it seems every night. So while you try to eat your food 60 year old swinging singles spin their partners into your dish of Fettucini Alfredo while reminescing about the old days. I can see me joining the club soon ;-). They are good dancers so its kinda cute to watch. But ....yipes...McCain and Palin were dancing right behind me at my table tonight so it was a bit distracting.

So... to finish tonight...I guess we are at a horse event so I have to show you my favorite rider. She is the cutest little gal who I have seen twice now riding around the ring. I love the fact that an animal as big as a horse will take such good care of this little one. Pretty heart warming.

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Jake said...

Hi Phil,
Sounds like an interesting Trip, especially the seniors dances. You get to go to all the exotic places. :-)
From, Jake