Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 5 and all is well. Went down to the mural and it just keeps getting better and better. Beautiful flowers surrounded it and they were putting black drapery all around it. Its becoming the talk of the Congress and those are not my words- thats the words of those coming to see it. Funny thing is....Congress really doesn't hit full swing until Thursday so thats exciting.

We had a late start today. Still got our Tim Hortons java though. Tried to get rid of the last bit of jet lag and get set for Thursday. I am doing pretty good. Paul is in need of more rest. I am an early bird and he is a night owl so the time change works better for me then him.

I am really looking forward to all the artists coming to see the mural. I hope they all make sure to say a big hello and make their presence known.

We decided to chill tonight at the hotel and get americanized and watch the debate. I think we will have a tailgate party before the debate. I think they have tailgates for that in Ohio??
Right on!

Here are ome good pics of the mural complete today!

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