Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm sitting out here in Port Coquitlam visiting my family and getting ready to go to a meeting for Vancouver NOA. I have covered the country the last 6 weeks and am looking forward to seeing what today brings. There will be some new faces at the meeting this year so I am looking very forward to seeing who all will be in NOA Vancouver in 2006. There is snow on the ground out here so I guess its not the weather I was hoping for coming to the coast. But with that said at least its not minus 24 like it is in Calgary/Edmonton. Its good to see my folks who I rarely see now since I am living out east. A few days here then back to Ontario.

Friday, December 02, 2005

It has been a while since I lasted posted on line here. In fact it was just around the time I was hanging with Queen Elizabeth back in May so its about time to start this up again.

I am currently in Perth Ontario and today fly out to Vanocuver and Victoria to work on the coast NOA shows. The shows out east here are setting up nicely and I am excited especially about Kids Up Front and the group of artists in Toronto.

This NOA expansion is nice but the travel is hard. I am hoping for a successful trip out west though and I am looking forward to some good things.

Its snowing here today so it will be nice to get to the mild weather of the coast.

Anyhooo... for now I will sign off. Although it should be noted that as we plan NOA 2006 we are alos building a new mosaic mural in the mean time. Watch as the new mural comes to life!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Today we are going through rehearsals for the Royal Visit and how we are to present ourselves and the mural to the Queen. It is pouring rain and I guess with the horrible weather we at least will know the worst case scenario we could have to deal with tomorrow. I hope it clears up as it would be such a shame to have our special moment with the Queen spoiled by bad weather. No matter what though it will be a sunny day in our minds as when will we ever get to experience another day like this with the Queen.
The rehearsals are expected to last almost 10 hours today. our portion with the Queen is about 6 minutes. So you work for 5 months prepraring for 6 minutes with the Queen. Even then it seems worth it :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Where's Phil, Where's Phil???
Here I am finally again! I have literally been all over Canada travelling around spreading the good word of NOA. We just completed our first two shows in eastern Canada and we are no officially rolling along wonderfully nationally. On Tuesday we will be presetning our mural to the Queen which is definitely a highlight of the 9 years of NOA history. Ottawa was big but the Queen will be a day to rememebr for sure. I am enjoying a rare Sunday rest. I have had quite the busy spring and with two NOA shows to go yet I am amazed I am still standing. H0wever with that said i am looking forward to both the shows as well. 2006 will be the year we make more of a move into eastern Canada. It is at that point that we will truly have a success under our belt that hopefully will last the rest of our lives as hopefully the show will have a life of its own after that and will carry on like such great festivals as the Folk Festivals and the Fringes. The passion of those involved with NOA was most apparent in Ottawa this year. The artists that made the trek out were amazing and their spirit flowed into each other and all the guests who attended the event.
I will do my best to get back to a daily update. I feel it is something i owe to all as watching the growth of NOA is really something to behold!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Well howdy all!! Bet you thought I'd never blog again after a two month hiatus!! I guess its called just being too busy...

The Mural Mosaic was launched this past weekend and Lewis lavoie and myself Phil Alain along with Paul Lavoie are all thrilled with what transpired. What an amazing accomplishment!! The artists should all be very proud!

Tomorrow we are adding one last piece to the puzzle as Premier Ralph klein will paint an image into the mural.

After that i am of to calgary for the NOA show. I have some media to do on A-Channel, CJAY 92 and CBC. More coverage then we usually get in Calgary and yet our show still packs them in!

I am looking very forward to this years show and hope for great successes with it as always.

So things are plodding along and we are getting set for Ottawa. Big undertaking but i think we will make it work!

More later... hopefully not two months later haha

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today is a busy day as we begin to get the AB SASK centennial mural prepped for the painitng process. We have over 100 artists already applying to be involved in the mural. We are accepting 200 in total and at the rate we are going that will be filled within a matter of a few days.

The shows are all falling into place nicely. Calgary, Edmonton, Manning, Fairview and Slave lake already have their tickets up for sale.

The north looks like it will probably be sold out shows once again and Edmonton and calfary are moving along solidly as well.

Our goal is to sell over $200,000 worth of art and raise over $100,000 for charity through NOA this year. I believe it can happen and will happen!

So today its mural day and some meetings weith Rotary clubs.
Today we are beginning the creation of the Centennial mural. That is... the gathering of all the supplies and the prep work. We are getting an amazing number of artists emailing wanting to be a part of the project. Its very exciting! Our long term goal is to unite the world through this project- sounds big but you gotta dream big right?
Today I managed to get all the tickets for the Edmonton show up and running, all the Slave Lake, Manning and fairview tickets are selling already.
I am meeting with the Rotarty club today as I am doing multiple guest speaking dates and also they are promoting the Gala dinner.

I have a ton on my plate with the planning of ten shows and co-ordinating the mural project. But I think its all working out well thus far.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Its the beginning of February and we are moving ahead nicely. Last night we completed the third painting party on the tour in Edmonton and a great time was had by all.
The day is getting closer when the NOA magazine will be released. It is going to be a show stopper!!
I am having so many interesting emotions around NOA this year. The show is moving ahead nicely and it looks like this year could be an amazing tour all around. Its not the shows that are affecting me so much its all my personal interaction with all the people that are now my friends through NOA. Its has been such a happy time and a sad time all in one. NOA artists and even my sister are having babies everywhere as new life is springing up all around me. But at the same time we are lsoing people- people that are so dear to us and it hurts quite deeply. Debbie Boodram- a dear friend of mine and a leader for us at CBC through her support passed away at the young age of 39. The Vi Isaacs (artist in the show) lost her husband to leukemia. Its the circel of life I guess but it is still hard to swallow sometimes as I find myself in my weak moments sitting in tears missing my friends.
I am at least home in Edmonton for a few days before I head off again to Calgary and Ontario. The show must go on and it will. Only 4 weeks until the first shows so there is some very exciting things ahead. Including the Mural Mosaic which we are creating for the AB Saskatchewan Centennial. Lots to look forward to!

More later.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Sue Foley wins best female vocalist and Best Recording of the Year at the Maple Blues Awards and she is playing at NOA this year too! Plus she is such a darn sweetheart :-).
Today I met the the Livia Stoyke Foundation abou the mural - good meeting! Things are looking good. I also spent a good chunk of the evening discussing the mural with Lewis. We also lined up an Edmonton Journal interview for the Painting Party.

I went to see Debbie Boodram today for her CD release at the Pallative care unit of the Grey Nuns Hospital. It was very emotional. Debbie was bed ridden and was unable to really communicate due to exhaustion from her suffering. I just hope for her pain to go away. Its so hard to watch her suffer so. The evening as painful as it was - it was beautiful too as Debbie's music moved my soul and her words echoed in my mind as I thought of the days where she was singing at our shows. She is an angel....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I have returned home for a few days and have many good things going on to be excited about.Today we had the NOA Edmonton meeting which went very well. The Edmotnon show is shaping up nicely. We have quite a few teams confirmed for the Painting Party and also many positives as far as other sponsors. I met with Tanya Wood today to go over the fashion component. I also had a great chat with Carolyn from the Rotary Club who also had some great news about their contributions to the event.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Lewis to go over magazine and mural details. I am also dealing with the magazine sponsors and getting more people involved in the centennial mural planning.

I also have a very sad and challenging part to my day as I am going to celebrate the CD release of Debbie Boodram. My close friend and a former singer in our show as well as the biggest supporter NOA had from CBC. Its sad because Debbie is currently in Pallative Care at the Grey Nuns hospital as her cancer is winning the battle against her. Her heart is so strong though and she is fighting it all the way. All we can do is keep praying that miracles will happen. No matter what happens with Debbie she will be taken care of. She is an angel on this earth. She will always be an angel to me.

Monday, January 10, 2005

  1. I am sitting out her in Ottawa- or should I say running around out in Ottawa as NOA goes national!! We are just finalizing details on our Ottawa show and will soon be putting on our biggest show yet on May 7th. All the shows are coming together nicely and the magazine is just about ready to be finalized with all the details.

I am going to be buying a lap top tomorrow so I hopefully can keep everyone more up to date on where I am as it seems many want to know! So onwards and upwards!