Monday, October 06, 2008

Day 4 and it was a good day. The people of Ohio are wonderful. We have had so much support to what we are doing and the feedback is amazing. Everything has gone very smoothly thus far. We spent the day down at the Congress talking to mural admirers as we ready for the first official day on Thursday. Everyday they keep adding more decorations to the mural as you can feel the pride swelling and the excitement building around the mural. We are so honored to be here and it seems the feeling is becoming mutual.

With Tim Hortons in hand we did some shopping and sent out media releases. We found ourselves some bubble tea which always brings a smile to Paul's face ....heck I like it too. Had a great chat as well on the phone with Pat Getha - an artist from the mural- who is from Ohio and is coming to see the mural this week. I look very forward to meeting her as there is nothing better then meeting the people face to face that helped create the mural.

I am posting pics from yesterday so you can see the set up and of course enjoy the Canadian pride of Tim Hortons! Why the heck aren't they our sponsor ....this is good promo for them!


TrottierJS said...

Hey Phil I will be stopping by on Friday (well I will be there all next week too)! I can't wait to see the mural in person! Look forward to meeting the two of you.

Jen Trottier

Pat Getha said...

Cindy Bryden and I will stop in on Thursday and I think a few friends are coming down from Wisconsin to stay with me the following week. That would be Delia Pacheco, Leslie Zantow and Mary Singer.

Will you still be around the weekend of the 17th?

I called the Delaware Gazette to get some press but they are not making promises with everyone being so busy with the election riff raff.