Thursday, October 23, 2008

So here is a video to give you an idea of how the crowds swarm the mural and how they all want to know more about this amazing art piece. I wish I had sound on my camera so you could hear the words.

It was another busy day. I am in the hotel room writing and quite tired and packing to leave Ohio to head to Toronto to do a Night of Artists Show and see friends I have not seen is so long. I will also be seeing Lewis Lavoie (friend and of course the designer of the murals). He is doing the show with me and will be doing a live painting at the show. I will videotape it for you all!

Today was great as not only was Len speaking to large crowds but others who have come by the mural daily because they just can't get enough of the mural, have started telling others all about it. Like this lady below who blew us all away by telling a big crowd about the mural on her own as we had a break and watched her. It was great!

The best thing of the day is always the kids....this picture rules!!!

So...I am signing off from Ohio and heading to Toronto. Here is me tired...writing this blog at my computer, saying goodnight and see you in Canada!I'll be back Sunday in Ohio to help put the mural away for a tearful goodbye...Its been a long tiring haul....but the memories will last.


Sue Kroll, panel 188 said...

Phil, Paul.....When you dismantle the mural, can you take lots of pics? It was so interesting to see how it went up, I would love to see what goes into having to pack it up again. Thanks!!!

Hope you have a great time back in Canada!

Kat Moore said...

Hey Sue thats a great idea... love to see what the work you guys do behind the scenes too...
So where is the mural traveling to next?? just curious if it will come anywhere near WA state. Thats where I am and would love to come see it in person! I just cant imagine how awesome it would be to stand in front of it.I know you guys do that every day... but its still boggling my mind to have gotten to be a part of this!! Thanks so much for all your long days and hard work... and for leeting us read a bit about it every day!
Have a safe trip!!