Saturday, October 04, 2008

Today Paul Lavoie and I went down to the congress in Ohio to meet the mural as it arrived from its long trek from Canada. We met up with Bob from Steak and Beans trailers who delivered the mural. We arrived at Congress and met Denny Hales face to face who was very cordial and made us feel right at home. Although we had hoped that we would have the mural set up by this evening it is still on hold as we wait for supplies. So Paul and I ventured out into Columbus and realized how fanatical the town is about their Buckeyes. whoa.... Canada has no clue what sports fanatics are until they come to the US. College football here is insane. Our pro team the Eskimos gets maybe 40,000 fans "tops" to a game. Here its over 100,000 to a college game. I think our University Golden Bears games might get 100 people ha....well maybe not that low but not far off.

We ventured out to the Columbus version of Whyte Avenue tonight for mexican food and the gallery hop. Saw some overpriced artwork ...some very cool stuff but mainly the same old same old. Nothing to unique. But it was a good night.

Did some work from the hotel and tomorrow is mural set up day.Todays photos are of us in the hotel and on the gallery hop.

Also- check out the busker photo. There was a full band with drum kit and keyboards busking. I have never seen a FULL drum kit busking...crazy stuff but cool.

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Pat Getha said...

fanatical isn't the word. The Buckeyes are headline news every day. People plan entire events around the games! It is CRAZY and I have to say, I just don't get it..........Pat Getha, transplanted here from Cincinnati, go Bearcats!

Looking forward to seeing you this week!