Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today was busy busy! All the artists should be proud. Literally people walked up to the mural today and shed tears of joy. I am not kidding. People actually cried over the beauty of it. It was an amazing day as I have never seen so many people connect with a piece of art in such an unbelievable way. EVERYONE in the mural should be so proud. I swelled with pride as I talked about every ones work as I would describe how amazing it was everyday we received a new painting from each of the artists.

I am pretty tired tonight so this will be short- but everyone should check out the new issue of Cowboys and Indians. We have a two page spread sponsored ad promoting the mural!! Its amazing! Word is spreading so here is a toast to all the artists and Lewis Lavoie for orchestrating such a masterpiece.

Here is whats in Cowboys and Indians:

One more day for me here and then I have to head off to Toronto for a Night of Artists event for Two days. So I will be reporting from Canada. But will return to Ohio for the Grand Finale of the tour on Sunday. Keep watching as we reach the end of this great 3 week adventure.

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delia said...

how cool! yes...You guys should be proud for this amazing project...I'm getting inquiries for the print through my newspaper article, will forward your contact.
Great article coverage in Cowboys and Indians, also the one in Western Horsemen.