Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today was another kinda slow day here today. I hear tomorrow will much of the same as we gear up for the weekend. Had some interesting chats still today however. A Virginia horse show producer named Vicki stopped by and is trying to find a way to bring the mural to Virginia right after Congress. Not sure if that can happen time wise or even physically as we probably don't have the resources on such short notice. But we'll see.

More importantly though I tried the Apple dumplings today and it was beyond my expectations. The best thing is that they gave me just the right amount of ice cream to go with it. As all my friends and family know....the right amount of ice cream is the key with my pies and cake. These guys nailed it. Paul had the funnel cake. Not quite up to his expectations. There was no ice cream with his so I believe I made the number one food selection of the day. Poor Paul...his day was ruined.

So - to help perk Paul up I tried my best to get him into the spirit by heading off to the hat store and turning ourselves into cowboys....with not much success. We put the hats on and started playing the role...said a few yee haws and "mozied" around the hat store. Then the salesman heard me mention to Paul that its too bad we are both allergic to horses and he immediately removed the hats and booted us in our saddles saying "y'all ain't good enough for my hats if the horses ain't good enough fer you."

So I thought I'd show him. Thought I'd go find me a good horse and prove that I am worthy of the hat. One that was allergy free. This one below was a beauty!! Giddyup!!

So after all the excitment we got along little dowgie and headed off into the sunset.
Or should I say...off into the Sundowner Trailer. Proud sponsor of Mural Mosaic....Le Cadeau Du Cheval....

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