Friday, November 05, 2010

The Star Over Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph arrive.
It is time for the child to be born. The long Journey Mary and Joseph have traveled has led them to Bethlehem. They now know that the moment has arrived. All the anticipation and fears will reach a crescendo in a short time now.
When the day arrived for Amy and I, our star over Bethlehem, words could not describe what I felt. On that special day we walked 5 blocks from our home to the hospital- as we lived close. Our Journey had been extended by 10 days as Amy was overdue. So we walked over to the hospital uncertain of whether it would be our time yet or not. As we walked we smiled and joked nervously and I did my best to keep strong. Yet inside I felt numb. Everything seemed surreal. I kept thinking that in a matter of hours I would be now looked at as a Daddy. There would be a little child who would be looking to me for guidance, for love. A child who would need me to be a rock for them when times get tough. My life was about to change in an unbelievable way. I realized that suddenly I would be living a life outside my own body. A helpless existence where all i can do is my best to love, teach and guide and then watch as this child will make decisions that i will feel the results of and have no control over other then to pledge to be there to pick her up when she falls and be her biggest fan when she succeds. It was true and it was hours away.
As we walked I also thought of the beautiful lady who walked next to me. She had done so much to get to this day. She had already loved this child more then I thought possible and they had never even seen each other yet. Every step we took I knew it was a another step along our journey together into this wonderful new world. I reached out for her hand and willed all the strength I had into her as I knew that as scared and excited as I was....she was 10 times more. She knew that the journey's conclusion would not be an easy one. I could see it in her eyes. It was time to enter Bethlehem for us.
I am sure Mary and Joseph had their own fears as well. I wonder if Joseph was the same as me in his thoughts. I want to write more but as I write my little girl has awoken from her sleep...and my job as Daddy takes over now from my hobby of writing. I love what that journey has brought into my life :-)...gotta run as someone wants to say good morning.

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