Sunday, May 30, 2004

Just flew back from Ottawa/Toronto late last night after an incredibly productive trip. The Royal Bank was wonderful to chat with and they seem genuinely interested in what we are doing. i also met an incredible photographer and also a supporter of the arts- Michele Valberg.
I had a great time hanging with Sue Foley and her Manager Ann Forbes who also was very supportive of NOA. NOA is definitely making its national stage appearance in 2005 in Ottawa!!
A little disappointment on the trip was the scheduled meeting I had with the NAC was a bust. I went to my scheduled appointment only to find out that the person i was supposed to meet had obviously forgotten about the meeting as they were not even in the province. Not a big deal if I was from Ottawa. I could always re-schedule the next few days. However i can't fly out there every week unfortunately so i guess i miss out on this one for now.
I have one day to get some fresh clothes into my suitcase and then I am off to Victoria for a week for the NOA show out there. The Corporate Painting Party is on Monday and should be fantastic!!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I am in Ottawa right now and just returned from Toronto and a meeting with The Royal Bank. The meeting was very positive and I am hoping to set up a partnership with the Royal Bank and NOA. Today I am meeting with the National Arts Centre in Ottawa as well as Michelle Valberg. Beautiful sunny day in Ottawa. Good things lie ahead!!

Friday, May 21, 2004

I am just tieing up loose ends for the shows in Vancouver and Victoria and then i am off again to Ottawa/Toronto. I am unpacking long enough to do my laundry and then off to spread the word of NOA. Looking very forward to the shows on the coast. Should be a great little adventure!

The amount of emails I am recieveing from artists wanting to join NOA is hard to fathom. I remember when I started this show 7 years ago I had to beg people to join. They would look at me like I had two heads. They didn't understand how a concept that is just based on good people working together could work I guess. Now the train is moving and everyone wants to join the ride. Its wonderful to see and I am just glad the show is bringing in the results that make people want to be a part of it!

I am really enjoying watching artists and musicians rise to new levels! Its truly an amazing thing to behold!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Whirlwind tour completed! Went to Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and back in 5 days by car! Drove to Calgary Saturday and visited Vicki in the hospital, (She is home and doing well now), met up with Christine and dropped off "pay day" checks for the artists, drove on to Golden and crashed for the night. Got up and carried on to Vancouver where I arrived in time to visit Jake in her new artistic atmosphere and her great new pad on Granville Island. Then we drove off to the NOA meeting. All were in attnedance and it went wonderfully!
Next day had meeting with Kids Up Front! Love Kids Up Front. They are a great bunch. John Dalziel is a wonderful guy to work with.

Then off to the roundhouse to check on the space. No one around to discuss details. So off I went to CBC to discuss show details. Then after that was complete went back to the roundhouse and found someone and hammered out little details for the show. Its going to be a lot of work ....yipes!!

Quickly left there and drove to Tsawassen and jumped on the ferry. off I went to the Island. Had a quick supper then met with Karel! Had a great meeting. Things are going well it seems.

Had a nice rest at hotel and got up early and scouted out Bastien Square Arts marketplace. Then went to CBC for a radio interview. After that I had to sprint to Sidney to meet Krista about the Mary Winspear centre details. Then back on to the ferry. Which was full.... so I had to wait in line for 2 and a half hours....

Met two great ladies in line who love NOA and are planning on comign to the VIC show now!

Then finally got across the great divide and drove to Kamloops where I had to crash ( exhausted). Got up at 6 a.m. and made the last leg home. Stopped in Calgary to check out a gallery- Room Two. Very cool space!

Then on my way home...... I am sleepy... two days and then back on the plane to Ottawa and Toronto for very BIG meetings!!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I am in Golden right now heading to the Coast. Had a nice nights rest in the mountains and look forward to being in Vancouver today. The weather is nice so it should be safe travels. My mind is spinning with new ideas and optimism as the shows wind down for the year. I have some great meetings in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver/Victoria coming up that could change the history of NOA and lead us into a new world completely. I will wait and see but I am cautiously optimistic for the future.

First and foremost though- Two big shows await in Vic and Van.This trip will iron out some of those detailas and then we are away!

Friday, May 14, 2004

wow- I just realized I haven't entered any writing since April 28th... sheesh! Too much work not enough play....
Our shows have been amazing this year. Calgary was an unbelievable event. Over 800 plus people attended and the sales broke records for calgary. I was thrilled with all that transpired. All shows have been unbelievable in Alberta this year! 2005 should be even more unreal. The corporate painting parties have been a hit and could be the next best thing to hit NOA in quite some time.
I am leaving for the coast on saturday as we head into the craziness of the western swing. This is always a bit more of a challenge due to the freshness of the show on the coast. But i think it will be a great success nevertheless.

I am also going to head to Ottawa and Toronto in 10 days. I have meetings with the Royal Bank and also with the National Arts Centre. Wonder where this will lead us??????? Stay tuned!!