Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pointers, Pointers and more Pointers

Point - Point- Point- Welcome to Phil Alain's Mural pointing class! Fingers up....lets begin!

One on One Pointing Lesson
Occasionally I would grab one student and teach them how to point close to the mural. Others in the class would sit back and try to mimick. I had to reprimand the girl in the foreground of this picture as she was using our promotional postcard as a finger extender. A definite "no no" in my mural pointing class. (plus the two girls were talking amongst themselves about the mural while I was teaching...bad, bad, bad)Group Pointing Lesson
These students I allowed to approach the mural as a group. As long as they kept their fingers in until I said it was ok all would be just fine. As you can see I try to pay close attention to all my pointing students as I show them the techniques. But once again... as you can see in the distant background...another student who just could not control herself and pointed out of turn.

I dare you to come to the mural and not point. Even if you aren't looking for the mural you will find it as people are always found pointing up at the mural so its hard not to look. For a joke I'd like to put up a sign "Mural Pointing is a Criminal Offence and is Strictly Forbidden Under Punishment of OHIO State Law" I would love to watch how people would look at the mural then. It would be impossible.

Best compliment of today was this....
A smiling elderly man probably was in his mid 70's walked up to me. This man had come by the mural yesterday and sat in front of the mural for probably 3 hours. He just stared and stared at the mural. When I would walk by he would always mutter- "You must be so proud. This is amazing!"

Today he returned. He walked over with is ball cap on a little crooked and a gentle smile. He was the nicest man. He brought me over a little bottle of water and said- "My Friend- I brought this for you as I know you have to tell so many people about this beautiful mural and you must need a drink." It was the nicest gesture.

Then he turned and introduced me to his son. His son would have probably been about 5 years my senior. They both greeted me and then the older man said-

"I have worked here at Congress for the past 40 years. I have seen a lot of things come and go and I have done alot of work with this show. I watched it grow from a three day event to a three week long event. I watched it grow from an event that we used to have to pay the City of Columbus to host it, now the event brings in so many people and so much money to the economy that the City now helps fund the event. Now I am too old and there isn't any work for me here anymore. But in all the years I have been here- I have never seen something so beautiful as this mural. Its so beautiful I had to bring my son to show him the mural."

So the sat down on the park bench together. They sat....and sat....and looked... and pointed and laughed and pondered. The spent probably 2 hours going through the mural. A father and his son sharing a lifetime through the mural. To see how this mural not only brings artists together but how it also is a way to have families sit together and share a moment almost brought tears to my eyes.

Jack (I learned his name) got up with his son and patted me on the back as he walked away. "Thanks for bringing this here" he said. I turned to him and said "Thanks for making this all worthwhile". He smiled and walked away with his son. As they walked away they stopped and turned back and looked one last time at the mural. They both smiled and shook their heads in disbelief. Then walked off. It certainly was a moment.

I wish I would have taken his picture. I think he'll be back...

The Mural Mosaic's.....they sure do bring people together......

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