Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mary and Joseph enter Bethlehem to find there is no room for them anywhere.
I could not imagine after such a long journey to discover that you are faced with no room. I am sure that Joseph must have been beside himself wondering what he could do to help make the situation as comfortable for Mary as possible. I am sure he would have done just about anything he could.
When we walked over to the hospital we were admitted immediately. But we too had to wait for a delivery room. We sat for hours in an uncomfortable room with just a curtain around Amy. Amy did her best to rest and not worry too much and I did my best to watch over her. I remember constantly checking the time and waiting for us to get into an actual delivery room. Praying and hoping it would be soon. I also remember how it all started to become a blur. Watching the monitors that they had Amy hooked up to monitoring the contractions, her heart rate, the babies heart really start to realize that another person is almost here.
I found lumps crawling up into my throat that I would have to choke down. I would always be looking at Amy as we waited. I just wanted this to be over and know that Amy would be alright and that our little child would be born into this world and be happy and healthy. Instead I was going back and forth from joyous excitement to the fear of something happening to my beautiful girls. It’s a helpless feeling for sure as there is nothing more that I could do except just do anything possible to make Amy comfortable.
There is never any guarantee`s in life so faith is always needed to carry you through. I swear though that as I waited, my heart beat was louder than the monitor in the room counting Amy`s heart beat and the baby`s. I still get emotional thinking of that helplessness. So there we waited and waited as the clock ticked...I knew she was in good hands though.
Poor Joseph not knowing where he would go with Mary...what faith he must have had. Not a room in sight anywhere`s and his wife and child counting on him to get them to a safe place. No Doctors, no room...just faith and love.

I pray for those who have no place to go, no doctors, no family, no one to turn to...just faith that all will be ok. I pray for their strength when there seems to be little hope.

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