Thursday, October 16, 2008

Todays blog begins with a short video I made today...check this out:

I am sure after watching that video you can somewhat understand why the mural is getting so much attention.

Today it was quite busy again and I really enjoyed the new faces that arrived today.Lots of great chatter. When we had a break from the crowds we consistently made efforts through our laptops to keep moving the mural forward to new locations and we are hoping one of those locations might be Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. It would be a perfect fit for their event. Had a wonderful chat with the organizer today and we hope to make an arrangement so the mural can visit Nevada.

The mural today at Congress looked particularly stunning. Mainly because of the incredible horticultural crew. Countless hours of watering the flowers was certainly evident.

Wait a second.....thats no horticultural crew....ITS PAUL with his empty slurpee cup!!
Paul is what I like to call systems manager of mural mosaic. Everything we do has to have a system. So from Day 1 Paul made it his goal to keep the flowers beautiful so began with his daily instructions for me- "Ok Phil...Here is the system..." (yes- he really does say that- thats why he is the system manager) he continued- "...Anytime we take a break(restroom that is) we must gather the goblet of life(the slurpee cup) and gather water from the fountain of youth (the bathroom sink) and breath life into Gods beuatiful garden that decorates the masterpiece that so many hands have created (The mural)."
How could I see anything wrong with that idea. So quickly I suggested we get a couple of beers to help speed up the process of gathering more life in the goblet from the fountain of youth. Although- he refused...our resident mural artist Jennifer Trottier and her husband happened to stop by and noticed the flowers drooping and insisted that Paul and I have a beer to make sure the plants stay healthy. So.......Cheers!!!
To cap the day off we needed to reward the horticultural crew/system manager with his favorite dinner....PHO! When I mentioned this to him ...well....he could hardly contain himself!!
So off we went....
another great day in Ohio...
Its hard to believe some people think Paul and I don't know how to live it up. leaves for my Pho!!

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Cheryl Lynn said...

Love your posts!

Hey, guys, have you thought of coming to Texas during to stock show, in Ft Worth, in Jan/Feb? The collisium is tall and the exhibit hall, hall way/entrance is 2 stories high, and would be plenty of exposure! Thousands of people come to it, too.

The State Fair of Texas is going on right now in Dallas, but next year might work. Again millions of people come through.