Monday, May 23, 2005

Today we are going through rehearsals for the Royal Visit and how we are to present ourselves and the mural to the Queen. It is pouring rain and I guess with the horrible weather we at least will know the worst case scenario we could have to deal with tomorrow. I hope it clears up as it would be such a shame to have our special moment with the Queen spoiled by bad weather. No matter what though it will be a sunny day in our minds as when will we ever get to experience another day like this with the Queen.
The rehearsals are expected to last almost 10 hours today. our portion with the Queen is about 6 minutes. So you work for 5 months prepraring for 6 minutes with the Queen. Even then it seems worth it :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Where's Phil, Where's Phil???
Here I am finally again! I have literally been all over Canada travelling around spreading the good word of NOA. We just completed our first two shows in eastern Canada and we are no officially rolling along wonderfully nationally. On Tuesday we will be presetning our mural to the Queen which is definitely a highlight of the 9 years of NOA history. Ottawa was big but the Queen will be a day to rememebr for sure. I am enjoying a rare Sunday rest. I have had quite the busy spring and with two NOA shows to go yet I am amazed I am still standing. H0wever with that said i am looking forward to both the shows as well. 2006 will be the year we make more of a move into eastern Canada. It is at that point that we will truly have a success under our belt that hopefully will last the rest of our lives as hopefully the show will have a life of its own after that and will carry on like such great festivals as the Folk Festivals and the Fringes. The passion of those involved with NOA was most apparent in Ottawa this year. The artists that made the trek out were amazing and their spirit flowed into each other and all the guests who attended the event.
I will do my best to get back to a daily update. I feel it is something i owe to all as watching the growth of NOA is really something to behold!