Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ahhhh...back at home.24 hours of driving in three days does a body good....not. It was a good trip though. Good weather and lots of time to think as I drove. Although the thinking got a little bit overwhelming so I switched my GPS ladies voice from English to Spanish so when she told me where to turn I not only had to try to figure out what the heck she was saying also sounded kinda sexy :-).
EXCITING!!! I got back and Lewis had posted a new King on the King of Kings web page!! Check it out on the website and see how it fits into the big picture and read about him. His name is AKBAR THE GREAT and he ruled from 1556-1605 in Delhi India! I like this guy! He was very much an artist and VERY creative. I guess I could rule a country someday haha....yea...right.

I am getting set for the 8 Remembrance Celtic event next Saturday. We will be showing the "8" paintings crated by artists from around North America and also showcasing Lewis Lavoie's tribute to the war vets of Canada. Should be a good night. Have you seen it?? Check it out if you haven't. Its amazing!!

Madonna was interesting. Pretty much exactly as I expected. Lots of people, waaaay more girls then guys, people dressed up like Madonna and a show with lots of dancing. It was an ok show. Not as much my thing though. I think Madonna either lip sync'ed half the songs or sang alongside a voice track of her own as it just seemed too perfect and when you are running an aerobics class on stage you think that you would run out of breath at some point when you were trying to sing. But maybe she is not human. Who knows. The part that bugged me the most though was her pretending she could play guitar. That just seemed wrong. Stick to the dancing Madonna. Little surprise when she turned the guitar into phallic symbol for a couple of gyrations.
I wish I could have been closer to the stage so I could have seen the dance production as that truly was the show. Madonna is pretty darn amazing for a 50 year old woman. She is pretty darn amazing for a 20 year old woman- makes me feel like I better get me to the gym asap!!

So with that said she started two hours late and did no encore. So...for a dancing with the stars performance I give it a thumbs up. For a concert...thumbs down. But I liked the atmosphere and enjoyed the company I had with me so it was a great night.

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