Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kunamokst on the road to the Olympics

Today was a hectic day. It was the last day we could formally plan to make sure we had all that we need before the drive begins.

Our hope is to leave tomorrow and drive at least half way. There is snow and rain in the forecast for the mountains so we will make sure to take it easy. We want to make sure we get there in one piece. Also of course get the mural there in one piece as well...or should i say in 231 pieces. We made a little intro to the unveiling though for you to enjoy! Watch right to the very end of the clip!! Wish us good luck on our travels and we will see you all in Vancouver for the big unveiling!!!

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kirsten said...

Nice little teaser guys! I'll be sending out an announcement to my mailing list and hopefully sending a couple friends from Vancouver to take some photos in person.
kirsten (panel 166)