Friday, October 10, 2008

Home early in the hotel room and really ready for an early night. Long days make it tough to think of anything else other then your room after talking mural talk all day. But it was a good day. Really enjoyable.

Great day for kids. The kids just love the murals and we think the kids are great! They certainly got into the murals today as you can see by the pictures. Also we had some GREAT feedback.

Comments like
"I can't stop coming back to the mural no many how many times I walk around the Congress" "Most fascinating showcase to come to Congress in the 10 years I have been attending"
" This is the talk of Congress"
"The mural creators should be so proud"
"Mom- can I have some cotton candy now?"

So it was a great day and we once again met some great people. A group of 4h club members came by just to get their picture taken with the mural. Very fun!

Paul and I are enjoying the food at the event as we have tried great "Philly" (ha) Cheesesteaks, Stromboli's, Stew and there is more to try yet...and we'll get to it! dumplings -I'm coming to get ya!!

Hmmm....Philly, Stew...Stromboli?? Makes us look like Cannibals with names like that for food.

So to bed early as Friday ends and Saturday...the apparent busiest day... is on the horizon! Enjoy the pics!

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delia said...

Great photos! can't wait to come to the Congress to see the Mural and meet you guys...Thank You for all your hard work.