Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Had a productive day today getting ready for the trip to Ohio. Had an NOA meeting this a.m. discussing the 2009 festival. Good start to the day. Then I headed out to the ranch/studio and began priming the next mural which we are beginning for the west coast. After the morning was exhausted from hours painting away I spent the afternoon dealing with US customs. Did another interview with another equine magazine regarding Le Cadeau Du Cheval and worked on hotel arrangements in Ohio with the Congress crew. Got our flights booked today and I took a peak to see when the Columbus Blue Jackets were playing as I would love to see an NHL game while I am in Columbus.May be going to see the BUCKEYES...coolio...
Discovered a musician named Missy Higgins who is peforming in Columbus. Thought it was "lil Miss Higgins" from Saskatchewan but this Missy Higgins is an Ozzie. Might go check her show out anyways ha.

Worked late tonight, had a couple of beers with the team and am off to home. Still kinda feels weird walking in the house without the little guy sitting there waiting for me with tennis ball in mouth.

So two more days and then I am going to take a week holiday before the work begins in Ohio. Hot-springs, golf and vino here I come! YES!!!

How about a pic from the fashion show since I was tlaking about the NOA fetsival this a.m.. Maybe I'll post two pics as I am going to add more fashion this year! sweet...

Monday, September 22, 2008

So - back into the studio I went today. After the challenge of losing my bud Roscoe I am just plugging away now getting set for the big show in OHIO of the mural Le Cadeau Du Cheval. Dogs are pretty hard animals to lose. Its kinda like losing your shadow. Some may wonder what there is to get upset about but I don't need to explain to the "some" why I miss him. I just do.

So packing and unpacking and packing seems to be the order of the day. Just unpacked from Spruce Meadows and have to pack to got to Ohio. rest for the wicked!! If anyone wants to do these murals like we do I think you will be surprised at the amount of work there is. Even when I think that we have things figured out...yikes...more work comes along. But I am still able to write about it so I guess I am keeping my head above water thus far.

I have four more days to work with Lewis and Paul to get ready before I have to leave and meet up with my family for a well deserved reunion. Then its probably 6 weeks until I get a chance to see my home again. There is a strong chance we may be showing the Le Cadeau du Cheval mural in Toronto....more details soon.

So...I guess nose to the grind stone and adventure abounds!!

Thought I'd add a pic of Colin James with his portrait painting that Lewis Lavoie did in 2005 for the Alberta Saskatchewan Centennial mural. Thanks again Colin!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

So life goes on although hearts can break and you always miss what once was there. So back to what is here in front of me.

Today was an exciting day. I'll call it Roscoe day as I had a great chat with the Calgary Stampede and "the Royal" Winter Equine show in Toronto. Both are very excited about what we are doing with the murals. I guess I can see why without much modesty mainly because of the artists who we have had work with us. I love these murals because of what the artists do to bring them to life. The amazing paintings that the artists contribute absolutely makes these murals.

Truth is if we could all just get along in this world in the way that these murals work we would all be in a better place. Imagine if everything we did was all about each one of us doing what we love and using our own freedom to create. Yet by always keeping in mind our neigbour and knowing that we effect everyone around us everyday. We should always be cognaissant of that and while maintaining our spirit always keep in mind those around us and avoid being too selfish with what we do.

There in lies the beauty and why these murals are more then just art.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Gift

I slowly walked up to the door and put the key in the slot. I've done it thousands of times before. Its been a long day and my legs hurt, I'm tired and I can't wait to chill. I turn the key and the lock makes the kachunk sound which I always knew he heard. I look through the glass of the door knowing within seconds he would emerge with a bark and then quickly grab a gift for me-his favorite gift which he would give to me daily.

I open the door and its quiet.

Its quiet…

There is nothing. Nothing at all.

I walk in the room and all I see is a room full of useless junk. TV, stereo, furniture…lifeless materialistic shit....

I look around the room and nothing is there for me anymore. Nothing except quiet. I look around and see the gift still lying on the floor. But he is not there anymore to bring it to me. I pick it up gently, walk slowly to the kitchen and put it away ...forever.

I cry…

Goodbye my little friend….

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My best friend left today...

Today was a painful day. With all the people that have come and gone in my life there was always one friend that I could turn to who would always greet me, never turn me away,never judge me, followed me everywhere I went and when I cried licked my tears away. There's no one here today to take care of the tears...but the tears are here....and he is not. were this mans best friend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It was a mixed emotions kind of day. I woke up and my lovable litle dog Roscoe was quite ill again. Its not bad enough he is blind but today he was so weak and vomitting everywhere. He had a day like this before. So I am hoping he just needs to get through a couple days of weakness. He is truly my best friend so I hope he pulls through ok. He is just about 13.

Other news...lots of interest in the mural Le cadeau du cheval. Had a great discussion with a group in Kentucky and we now have on our radar screen the 2010 World Equine Olympics. It is just an idea percolating in many minds but thats where it begins. We spent the day packing getting ready for Ohio. Lewis is putting together some great ideas for the next few murals. Things are really happening.

So on that note...I have included a video of my poor little guy and on the upside another picture of us putting together the world renowned Cochrane mural in 2007.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It was a fun Sunday. Went and did some shopping today. If I am going to keep you all informed I want to do it visually as well as with my writings. So I needed a camera. I got a great deal at Future Shop and am now in business. This is my second blog of the day so it is all about my test video ...enjoy haha

Thought I'd start off today with a pic of one of my jazz pieces that I painted a few years ago.

Saturday came and went as a great day with my little bro and his stepson John. Spent the morning having a great round of golf on a beautiful sunny morning. Just me and Dave hanging out. I am so lucky to have a brother that is like a best friend I have had all my life. Its nice to have someone on this planet who you know you could trust with your life and would NEVER do anything to hurt you. I have been blessed with a family that I would classify more as angels then siblings and parents. I always know they are there for me at all times.

Thus I have the strength to prepare for the big US unveiling of Le Cadeau Du Cheval in Ohio. Although I worry that my strength may weaken as almost a full month talking to thousands about the mural from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. daily may eventually take its toll. So I am thinking about the thingas I love other then art while I am there. How about the Buckeyes, Blue Jackets and the Browns?? Maybe even the Cavaliers????

I am going to make a point of enjoying some sporting events while I am there. Mix a little art culture with some sport culture. I love the American spirit when it comes to sports. Its a little rabid but the crowds are almost as entertaining as the games. Gotta live the culture. When in Rome....

Today is a day of rest and a day of house cleaning. Thats always fun...bah.

I am going to paint a bit today too as it will help me think of all I need to do for OHIO so I am ready for a crazy Monday.

Think I'll go check out the fashion show tonight after a nice dinner! Its sunny and life is good!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just when you think you get to relax...they throw you back on the buckin bronco!! Well...crazy news day. Started slow then picked up big time. Spent the day at the studio working with Paul Lavoie and Lewis Lavoie on the next projects for Mural Mosaic and worked on wrapping up final details from the Le Cadeau Du Cheval unveiling. Made a lot of phone calls and actually got to see a great article in the Spectrum newspaper in Utah about Sue Kroll and her participation in the Mural Mosaic. Had a good chat with Michelle Grant in Calgary today as well who is one of the FINEST equine artists I know.

Then at the end of the day I spoke with the Ohio Congress Quarter Horse Association and discovered they want us down in Ohio for October 4th...yikes!! Could be a long tour of duty. Very short time to prepare so we really have to get our butts in gear. But first....I need a 24 hour span to be me. So I am off to an art show then going to have a few beers and chill....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well today was a good day. The mural team had a great meeting today. Reviewed the past show and planned for Ohio. Had a great discussion with Utah this a.m. and I totally believe the next mural fully South of the border will be our biggest and most powerful one yet to date. We reviewed the plans for the next few months and worked on some packaging today.

I also started helping out a future music star Joe Nolan as he gets ready for his big CD release. This guys rocks. 18 years old and he performs like he has been doing it for 50 years. His lyrics are wonderful and the way he engages the audience is a skill that can't be taught. I LOVE this new Cd coming out. Pretty easy to stand behind this fast moving train.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Plan to hang with bro...get a round of golf in, go to the football game and breath :-). Its been a long haul for Lewis Lavoie, Paul Lavoie and me the last few years with the murals but with the great artists we have worked with we have made some pretty special murals. I plan in savoring the moment and smiling through the weekend feeling like we have not only done ourselves proud but have represented our artist team in a way that will make everyone smile.

How about more shots from the unveiling for this blog?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today I have decided I HAVE to make a serious effort to blog daily. I also am going to make a serious effort to keep the workouts going and take care of my health ha. So...if I miss a blog day you know my health is going down the tubes too ;-). Today I am still coming down from the thrill of unveiling the newest mural "Le Cadeau Du Cheval" The Horse Gift at Spruce Meadows in Calgary. Lewis Lavoie's newest design has really knocked it out of the park. The master image is wonderful and the artists that contributed to the project have absolutely nailed their contributions.There is something to be said about our company slogan...UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY.

Today we began preparing for Columbus Ohio. We had a fascinating meeting with Customs and Immigration and learned a helluva lot. Some things I wish we didn;t know and some things I guess its good to know now before its too late. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Mural Mosaic took a half day off today to celebrate (ha..) Paul and I took in Body World. WHOA!!! Skinned human carcasses in graphic detail. It was educational but is it maybe too much?? I can understand studying the body but pulling bodies apart in twisted ways and turning them into art pieces...hmmm....I'm not against it but not sure I am for it either. Literally bodies are sawed into slabs like logs and you get to look at the fat layers and bone. Sure...its fascinating....but...I'm still in shock as to where my morals should be in all of this.I guess when a person dies, the soul leaves the vesel that carried it around for the lifetime- so the fact that someone is recycling the used vessel I guess is better then it just rotting away. I just can;t help thinking what if that was someone I knew....

So...Back to reality after the half day off...We are immediately beginning new projects for the murals and at the same time it is just about time for me to begin plans for NOA XIII. So tomorrow I will write more. Lets count this as day one of writing and health watch for Phil. More coming soon!