Friday, October 03, 2008

So....a week away with my family and am back at it with the mural mosaic. (thought I'd start off with some pics from my holiday- my little nieces who are adorable). I drove 6 hours through the beautiful fall mountain landscape of Radium and Fairmont and reached Edmonton just in time to quickly pack and jump on the plane for Columbus, Ohio. It was pretty hectic making sure we had the office set to handle all inquiries while we were on the road but Paul Lavoie has the gift of internet skills and has done some amazing things so we can simulate the office from our hotel rooms here.

We flew into Columbus at 10 p.m. and saw my first few drops of rain in weeks. It seems much like Edmonton here. I am looking forward to exploring the Congress venue Saturday as we begin to construct the mural. The mural should arrive by 10 a.m. and Paul and I plan to spend the day putting the 22 foot high puzzle together getting it ready for the big day next week. This will be our first ever showcase of one of our murals in the land of the free AND the home of the brave. Went for a good ole gravy and biscuit meal tonight at a late night breaky joint. That will be the first and the last of that. My goal is to keep fit here as doing the opposite will only make it that much more challenging dealing with my severe horse allergies.

Its nice to be out east again. I will be heading into Ontario form a few days here and there to visit old friends and do an art exhibit in T.O. and head to Ottawa and Perth as I need to pick up my FAVORITE easel which I have been missing now for two years.

Well...its just beginning here so I will try to do a photo journal of our tour here. Wish us luck and if you are in the hood stop in and see the mural starting October 9th at the Ohio All American Quarter Horse Congress!

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