Saturday, November 06, 2004

So November hits and we are on the verge of some amazing things in 2005. We have begun our NOA sponsor drive and it is looking absolutley fabulous! The magazine this year will definitely make some waves as it should be a fantsatic art and music magazine.
The dates for all the shows are confirmed now and we are just waiting on Ottawa to see if we will be part of the Alberta Scene or not. Hopefully they include us as we have created our own Alberta scene with NOA. If they do not however we will just take our show there on our own terms and be a part of the scene. The artists and musicians in NOa deserve to be there so we will be there one way or the other.
We have some big sponsors coming on board this year and we should be able to put on quite an exciting years worth of shows. My goal is to raise over $100,000 for all the charities and to also sell over $15,000 worth of artwork an the avearge at all the shows.
Almost all artists returned from last year and we also have many new ones that will really make the year very exciting!
I am currently working on mural workshops with lewis for the St. Albert Mosaic Mural. Sunday will be a meeting with the NOA Edmonton group. NOA Calgary is set and the group is fab!

Today Lewis and I held a workshop for the St. Albet mural and will do the same again tomorrow.

More later....