Sunday, October 12, 2008

Didn't blog last night as I was tooooo tired. So this is for yesterday and I'll catch up tonight.

I woke up this a.m. to the alarm and gospel music. So I jumped out of bed and clapped my way to the shower shouting a few Hallelujahs! Good way to start the day ha!

Yesterday was really good. I couldn;t believe the amount of people that came by the mural to chat. We gave away so much information to people. So many are stunned by the process and want to read up on all the artists in the mural on the website. Its funny how I can pretty much answer the questions now before they ask them as people almost always ask the exact same questions everytime.

Paul and I have just about tried all the key food items at the Congress that we have been told to sample. Now its time to get into our routine haha. Paul is the system guy. He makes the murals run smooth and he also makes sure we get the most out of our eating experience on the road so we are always in good hands.

Jennifer Trottier came by Saturday. One of the great artists in the mural. So we got a good shot of her and the mural.
We also decided to enjoy a frosty beverage while we chatted about the mural to take the edge off of the long day. Gotta like it when you can have a beer and wander around the Congress.
Eating almonds and having a beer....nice :-).

Then of course we had the big feast. The ultimate cream puff that everyone was saying we had to have. Yes...
Then last but not least...after the big feast- Paul made mention of the fact that I needed to work off the pounds I had put on that day from the cream puff so he recommended I had to dance. Ha!
So we went to the corral, which is just outside the building where the mural is on display abd I danced one song - did the white man's overbite- and collapsed from exhaustion and we were home by 11. Man...what a day.

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