Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm sitting out here in Port Coquitlam visiting my family and getting ready to go to a meeting for Vancouver NOA. I have covered the country the last 6 weeks and am looking forward to seeing what today brings. There will be some new faces at the meeting this year so I am looking very forward to seeing who all will be in NOA Vancouver in 2006. There is snow on the ground out here so I guess its not the weather I was hoping for coming to the coast. But with that said at least its not minus 24 like it is in Calgary/Edmonton. Its good to see my folks who I rarely see now since I am living out east. A few days here then back to Ontario.

Friday, December 02, 2005

It has been a while since I lasted posted on line here. In fact it was just around the time I was hanging with Queen Elizabeth back in May so its about time to start this up again.

I am currently in Perth Ontario and today fly out to Vanocuver and Victoria to work on the coast NOA shows. The shows out east here are setting up nicely and I am excited especially about Kids Up Front and the group of artists in Toronto.

This NOA expansion is nice but the travel is hard. I am hoping for a successful trip out west though and I am looking forward to some good things.

Its snowing here today so it will be nice to get to the mild weather of the coast.

Anyhooo... for now I will sign off. Although it should be noted that as we plan NOA 2006 we are alos building a new mosaic mural in the mean time. Watch as the new mural comes to life!!!