Sunday, February 29, 2004

I am a little sicker today but can;t really take a break as too much to do. Had a meeting this a.m. with a great new publicist- Laura Dreger. She will definitely be a spice to our show. Also went to the Red Strap market and re-adjusted the display and brought it up front so it is more noticeable.
Then met with a wonderful bookkeeper for NOA that will make my life soooo much easier. Deb Thrall- amazing woman and a wonderful supporter of our shows. Her efforts to help out always blow me away.
Tomorrow- Lewis and I take on the mural project. Off we goooooooo.....

Saturday, February 28, 2004

As the shows start to arrive my time is less and less available so my entries into my diary have fallen off a bit. I am finally at home after three days in Calgary and then straight up north to Slave Lake. Lost of travel lots of sleeping on couches and friends spare rooms. Thank God I have Been blessed with good friends or this show would make me soooo broke. Although sleeping on couches does not allow me the good sleeps and unfortunately I have gotten sick today. But I will push on. Lots happening as show deadlines approach. Serious marketing begins. Radio ads will be starting, interviews are beginning to be solicited. Lots of positive signs of good days ahead. Posters are being placed in northern Alberta and the hype is rising as we had plenty of corporate support in northern ALBERTA. Its shaping up pretty darn good in Victoria as well.
I must sleep so I can survive the next few months...

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I am still in Calgary and will probably be here until Late Wednesday or early Thursday. Spent Tuesday confirming last minute sponsors via email and also writing articles for the magazine. I had a meeting with Barb Radu at Kids Up Front. Then we went and met a school who we may help out doing a large mural. The school is a really positive environment for kids that are from challenging backgrounds. I'd love to help out if we can.
Then had a GREAT meeting with the NOA crew in Calgary. They are all poised and ready to go and promote the big show. I really think this year will be the best show ever in Calgary!
So- another day in Calgary to go then home on Thursday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Spent Monday running round Edmonton picking up tickets, setting up the boxoffice, gathering last minute sponsors, and addressing some organizing of the various events. Drove to Calgary in the afternoon and spent the evening working on the magazine with our designer. As deadlines arise stress increases but we are achieving our goals!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Sunday- the day of rest hahahahahahaha. I better smarten up then!
Spent the day discussing the magazine with Cathy. Sending off emails in regards to sponsors, getting meetings ready and preparing to sell tickets for all the shows. I am also booking some bands and finalizing some of the last details on some shows before we go to press. Heard good news from Holly on Matti as he continues to progress. Still a long ways off but every day he is moving in the right direction,
Had great chats today with Vi and also Cathy of course. We are getting very close to the shows and we are really on track in all ways. I hope we carry it through all the way to Vancouver.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well.... made it home from the coast. Lost of interesting things happened and things are looking very positive - out on the island especially. We have some really exciting things happening sponsorship wise and the community is showing much more interest this year. Sidney is very much an old school community so new ideas are always a tough sell. There are some that really turn their noses up at what we are doing and some that are thrilled at a new idea finally coming to their community. Its not because they don't like it- just because its different. Once we get past a few shows on the island they will understand that different is good and it will only make things more interesting out there. If we all did the exact same art shows the world would get pretty darn boring fast! I really look forward to converting some new followers in the Sidney area.
Back at home now I am focusing on getting the magazine ready for print and chatting with Cathy our amazing designer.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Had a great meeting with Jay D Waxman at the Vicki Gabereau show. He showed a lot of interest but he doesn;t have the final say on whether they will be doing a story on us. However he does have the ability to lead us in the right direction. Maybe not this year but as the show grows tyou never know. I also had a great meeting with Kids Up Front in Vancouver. Steadily we move ahead! I am preparing now to catch the ferry and head to Victoria where I will be doing some more work with the Vic artists and discussing the shows and such!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I am currently in Vancouver and have a meeting today with the Vicki Gabereau show. The later today have a meeting with Kids Up Front. Yesterday was crazy as I had to do so much running around getting ready to come out to the coast as the magazine deadline approaches. Then the flight here was so bumpy - yech.... I hate flying when you feel like you are going to die haha.
Anyways- its raining here and I'm still loving it.
Yesterday my mural of Grant Fuhr made the front page of the B section of the Edmonton Journal. My mural and Grant Fuhr hanging out together. Looked very cool!

So- my next three days are jam packed with adventure as I try to make some good things happen on the coast!

Monday, February 16, 2004

I missed the last couple of days for entries as I have been on the road. I left Saturday for Calgary and had a great day off for valentine's day. I went to say an amazing show featuring Sue Foley, Tal Bachman(hit song "She's So High"), Haydain Neale (Jack Soul) , Rusell Decarle (Prairie Oyster) Shari Ulrich,Alanna Levodovski, and Lynn Miles. Wow... Sue Foley was my favorite of course ;-) however I love all of them. What a night. Sunday I was at and at em in Calgary and set up work at the NOA gallery in Calgary, met with Cathy and went over the magazine details and got some promotional work done. I delivered grid wall and postcards to Calgary and like the loser that I am I proceeded to smash one of the grid wall right into the canvass of one of Theresa Edwards paintings BAH!!! Luckily it was her FAVORITE painting so at least I went for the best!! Arrrrgghhhh
Drove to Banff on Sunday night and saw the show again with Sue Foley. Wonderful night ! Really enjoyed sitting and chatting with such amazing talented people. They were all so down to earth and very good people. It was a great adventure sitting in the green room hanging with musicians that have done sooooo much. Learned the pros and cons of the industry and also learned that there are so many good people in this world. This group of musicians are now a group that I will really pay attention too and watch what they do next!! Really like Haydain Nealle and Russell Descarle. Two very decent guys.
Drove back from Banff at 6 a.m. this morning and quickly set up another complete solo show at Zenari's and am now off to the launch of my mural of Grant Fuhr. I will be incredibly swamped the next ten days as we scramble to get the last few details added to the magazine and get it off to the printers. The first NOA magazine is about to be launched!!
Then off to Vancouver Tuesday to do show stuff out there and firm up everything on the coast!

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well Friday came and went. Lots going on for sure!!
Went to west Ed Mall early and recieved payment for my mural. Then went to mail off all the invocies to all the sponsors. Had a meeting with the Edmonton Journal about their sponsorship. Went out and bought 14 grid wall for the artists in Calgary! Went out and got tickets printed for Los Morenos on March 28th!! Talked to Sonia at CKUA about our ads for the shows. Set up meetings in Vancouver. May add Mocking Shadows to Vancouver tour. Looks like we may be adding a latin dance ensemble for Victoria as well!
After all the craziness I went to watch 8 talented musicians perform at Blue Bird North. Including- Sue Foley and Tal Bachman. Great night all around!!
Saturday is Valentines day and I am off to Calgary!

Holly also had good news on the Matti front and his coma/accident injuries. I hope he continues to go in the positive direction. I love those "good" emails!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

I have been very busy today but today is dedicated to Holly's son once again and we need your prayers still...
Here is an update from Holly for all of you. Today is Matti's day- send your thoughts and prayers his way...

Holly's email:
"Matti's brain is not swelling anymore, the main problems have been with his physical injurys causing complications now. Today is day 14 of the coma. he knows we are in there with him, you can tell because when he isn't in a deep sleep he will grip your hand and twiddle with things (with his left hand). I am hoping that as his body gets a chance to heal a bit he will start to come out of the coma.
I am fine, I have been lucky enough to stay in outpatient residence right downstairs in the hospital and have had all kinds of support from friends and family I have been reading everything on brain injury and have also had quite a bit of experience from my rehab travels, I am preparing myself for the worst and will consider every step over that as a blessing. I think that if we are prepared to deal with the serious outcome that brain injury can present we will be the most help to Matti, I can say this right now because I'm having a strong moment, believe me it is so up and down but I think i am basically a realist and will deal with whatever i have to."

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Today was my mural set up day. Up at 6 a.m. and loading the mural up on to the flatbed truck and off to the launching pad. First time I had ever seen the mural put together. I think Grant Fuhr is going to like it. I am really happy with what i did.
After that I shipped off all the invites, posters, and tickets to the north. I did some more sponsorship hunting and co-ordinating. Did some mural planning and worked with Paul a bit to create a mural hand out. Things seem to be falling into place - especially for the north -Edmonton and above....

Calgary looks like it could be a bit of a chore but I'll fight through it. I have a meeting next week with Jay D Waxman from the Vicki Gabereau show. Should be very interesting. I am hoping for a big move ahead for NOA!!
I am taking a break and going to an Oiler game tonight. Then tomorrow back to the grind and to sponsor hunting for Edmonton.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Crazy day crazy!!
Running like mad today. I was making posters early this a.m.. Then I was putting together invoices and tickets/invites to ship up north. I had a TV slot today with CTV. Summer did her painting party with the media and it was great!!! Wow what a wonderful job she did!! This painting party will be a great thing!Graham Neal from CTV had such a good time that he painted for about 2 hours longer then I thought he would. It put me waaaaay behind schedule for the day. Went to Red Strap Market to check up on our NOA display. Went to meet with my printer. Did a phone interview with the producer of the Vicki Gabereau show. May be on national TV next week! Went to Lewis' place and got my mural ready for transport to the big launch. Watched our interview on TV- it was great!!
Had a meeting with NOA artists and distributed the tickets and invites!!
Spent the late night writing out sponsors...
Now to bed as I have to hang my mural at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning...

Its late at night- early a.m. and i am finally completing the day. Met up with the Westin today about sponsorship, set up ticket sales at Tix On the Square, spoke with Ilan about CTV interview, checked out my new prints for proofing, put together all the tickets and invites for up north, creatd two posters for up north, learned how to use Corel draw, met up with Lewis and Paul and discussed lettering my mural, and other then that- didn't do much today....
Still in Edmonton until Saturday. Lots to do before that day arrives!!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Well- I managed to get up early and paint away today on my mural at Lewis' homestead and I have now completed it!! So now I can get back to 100% focused on NOA. I spent the evening discussing with Cathy the NOA magazine. I also worked on some poster designs, set up some meetings and also did some writing for the magazine.
Tonight I am going to put together all the invites, poistcards and tickets for all the shows and ship them off to their respective cities!
We are officially rolling now!!
Had our first request for tickets for NOA Edmonton for 2004 by email tonight as well!

Good stuff is about to happen!!
Got up today and went straight to the mural!! Worked from early morning to late night. Need to get it done beofer Monday as NOA stuff comes back to priority as all the people I deal with are back at work.
All the invites and tickets for Alberta are ready and its time to start letting people know- the shows are here!!

Time for all the fun to begin!!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Thursday night was my solo art show in Calgary. It was well attended and had lots of great feedback! No sales as of yet but the show stays up for another 7 days. I spent Thursday running around setting up my show and doing last minute photocopying. Got an email from Vancouver and Have a possibility now to be on the Vicki Gabereau show!!
Show ended at midnight and even had the Art Gallery of Calgary people come by! Had a few drinks with them and then shut down for the night. Friday a.m. I got up early and drove back to Edmonton where instantly upon my arrival I had two phone meetings. One with Kids Up Front in Vancouver and one with Ilan Cooley our sponsor hunter.
Then I went downtown and met with Alex at the Second Cup and he wants to really suppport NOA this year as a sponsor and plans on doubling, tripling or quadrupling his sponsorship!
Nice to have that kind of support!
Then I went straight out to Lewis' place where I painted my Grant Fuhr mural until 2 a.m.!!
Its really coming along! Lots of fun and I have to have it done by Wednesday so its quite a challenge trying to do my mural and also do the NOA stuff. Somehow I'll make it through!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Today was a day of not so good news. It has been a tough emotional week for NOA on a "Real" life level.

Today.... Bernadette McCormacks (Calgary NOA) father passed away. Please keep her and her family in your prayers as they go through this challenging time. Our thoughts are with you Bernadette. Your Dad is in a beautiful place. He will always be with you and will always be watching over you.

Also please keep Holly Crichton (G.P. NOA)and her family in your hearts and prayers as her son still struggles at the U of A hospital from his terrible car accident.

And Patrick Doyle(EDM NOA) has discovered that his mother in England has terminal cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families....

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wow- another long crazy day! Started off with a phone call from Carnegie Hall where I am looking at doing a crazy N.O.A. event in 2005. Yes that's right... I am crazy!! But they are actually into it thus far! Then I had a great phone meeting with Scotiabank Victoria and they are not only a major sponsors but it looks like they are going to bring a large crowd of people with them to the event. Did some dealings with Calgary sponsorship. Confirmed that we have the Edmonton Journal on board for this year. So Edmonton Journal; and CBC. Good mix!!
Picked up all the tickets for distribution for Alberta today. So tickets can officially go on sale next week!
Packed up my vane and headed south to Calgary where this afternoon I set up my 18 piece, all 3 feet x 4 feet or bigger - art show. Looks good in the venue I have chosen. After the set up I went to support cathy at her solo show. Beautiful new work she has done! Very exciting!! Now I am at my favorite couch in Calgary. Need some sleep as tomorrow is my solo show. I forgot all my dress clothes in my haste today so I should look like a real artist tomorrow. Maybe I will wear my toque for effect!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well- amazing day today!! Two artists went out and lined up $5000 worth of sponsors in one afternoon in Slave lake! They simply approached over 30 businesses and did an amazing job in finding the support we needed. The show is now officially a success before we even sell a ticket!
I spent the morning loading and packaging up art stuff and then went out and painted a mural all day long of Grant Fuhr. It looks like I will get to meet the Hall of Famer as he will be there to unveil my mural!! Wow!!Also discussed the mural project more with Lewis. Paul sent off all the invites today for printing! Can't wait to see them!
Now I am back home getting ready to go to Calgary again to look for sponsors and to also set up the last few paintings of my show and put on my show. Also I am going to meet with Cathy and go over some of the magazine stuff!

Carnegie Hall called me today.... hmmmm. I let them know that NOA was interested in possibly renting their space months ago. Now they are getting back to me about something... wonder what it is????

No new word on either Holly's son or Bernadette's dad. I am praying they will both recover.

Well- its 1:40 a.m. - to me its still Monday ... but I guess its Tuesday now. Drove to Calgary for a meeting with Kids Up Front today, then went and set my show up at Ben Venuto's in Calgary. Then confirmed the CBC sponsorship of our Mural project with Debbie Boodram. Drove back home to Edmonton and immediately went out to Paul and Lewis' place and proofed the invites for all the shows. Then we set up my mural so I could see what the heck i had done in 8 chunks of 4 x 8 sections. It actually came together pretty good! Now to make it look sharp! Then Lewis and I discussed for a couple of hours the NOA mural project. Then I came home to discover Bernadette's dad (Calgary show) was in the hospital with bad heart problems. Bad last few days for families in our show.
Spent an hour addressing emails now off to bed as tomorrow I must paint my mural and then get back to Calgary!!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sunday- day of rest. Not really though. Spent the day out at Lewis's and Paul's place going over the postcards, invites and anything else we could line up. Trying to get things set up so we can get moving with the promotions. Busy as heck but once this is done we can breath a little easier and we can focus on just promoting the shows. Spent the evening trying to figure out how I will get my art to Calgary tomorrow as my van transport has broken down. Looks like I may be able to squeeze it into my car. I hope so as I HAVE to be in Calgary tomorrow no matter what! So next update will be from Calgary as I once again am on the road again!