Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hello!! Long break again from writing but definitely not a break from working. The Grande Prairie and Fairview shows were both big hits!!! The shows were fun and exciting. Los Morenos was the definite hi-lite of the night . The incredible guitar playing of Mauricio and Marvin as well as Toto and Cassius Khan on percussion - well- it was amazing to say the least! Encores were the call of the weekend!!
Both shows were sold out and the art was a hit as well. Over $25.000.00 of artwork was purchased in the two days.
Now the focus turns to Edmonton as the big show happens in less then three weeks. I am off to Ottawa to visit Sue and to look for more opportunities for NOA. I need a short break after doing 4 shows in 2 weeks. Can't be gone long though as the BIG ONE is on the horizon.
So- off to Ottawa and hopefully new adventures to bring forth.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Great day today! We had a wonderful media launch for the Edmonton show!! CKUA, CBC, The Edmonton Journal, SEE magazine, CTV were all in attendance!
Then afterwards- i received the call from the edmonton Journal indicating that they would be involved as a major media sponsor now with our mural project as well!! Woo hoo!!!
So now we must push on with the tickets sales!! I leave Thursday for G.P. and Fairview as we head into another sold out show weekend!!

Should be fantastic!!!

More later!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Where is Phil, where is Phil.... long time since I have updated the reports! Very busy right now and really things are going extremely well. After the first two sell outs we now have a third in G.P. and looks like Fairview is heading the same way. We have a major press conference in Edmonton on Tuesday to talk about the three day NOA event at the Westin. On top of that today Ken Christensen and I went down and did window splashes on a prime location Second Cup downtown Edmonton promoting the show!! Already getting a ton of attention. Calgary we are already over 100 tickets sold for the show and it is two months away yet. Wow!!!

We are getting a lot of attention and art is selling well at the shows. I think people are realizing that NOA art is good stuff and the people in NOA are going to make an impact!!

Very busy so i must carry on. I will try to get my groove back with the updates. I think its better that i keep the groove going with the shows then worry about the updates but if I can do both... all the better!!

Monday, March 15, 2004

Well- due to my busy schedule and the first two shows occuring my updates have lagged. However- I have great news to report!
The shows in Slave lake and Manning were both a hit! Both events were technically sold out and the evenings were simply amazing. Wendy McNeill, Dawson Walker and Lorna Wildgoose, Chris Wynters, Carla Boisvert and Blair Kennedy, The Croakin Four and the Crokin Frogs all put on a great show. Over $12,000 worth of artwork was purchased in two days and the charities raised really good numbers in both locations. The communities loved the shows and I was thanked by many people for bringing such a wonderful event to the community. It was not me that made the event wonderful though- it was the incredible artists we had, the music, the charities and their effort and the amazing sponsorship. WOW- if every show is like this we are in for an amazing 2004.
Hope to see even more people out at the remaining 6 shows on the tour. Next stop, G.P. and Fairview!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

We have now begun the Mural Project. Its about to become a reality. Lewis and I went and began the first steps yesterday and so another chapter begins. I have been running around like mad now that my health has pretty much retrurned and this weekend the tour begins with Slave Lake and manning. It is quite exciting as our 7th year of NOA opens up with incredible optimism!! Our magazine will be completed today as well so the first ever NOA magazine will be released with exciting days ahead as people begin to read more about what we do!
Onward upward I say! Here is to the beginning of a good year!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well- good meeting today with the Edmonton group. Things are moving along nicely. Went to one of our great musicians CD releases tonight- Wendy McNeil! The northern folk are in for a treat as she brings her charismatic performance to Slave Lake and Manning. Wow is all I have to say!
I am still fighting that darn flu bug but I am mobile at least. Three more days to be back to regular self so I will be healthy for the northern tour.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Well- I am back at it again. That's a good thing as I really had no choice. I did the 12 hour trek to Manning and back with a stop in Slave Lake along the way. I left yesterday at 4 p.m. and made it back by 8 p.m. today. So I can still get to bed and fight this darn bug. Manning is looking really solid. Amazing for a first year show. It looks like it could very well be a sell out!!! Slave Lake is getting better everyday. I am still really optimistic. We are at about half capacity heading into the final week. I think it will all come together nicely. If every charity we worked with was that committed to the cause and had that big of a committee every show would be sooooo much easier for this tired dude. But that's OK. Its getting better every year. Manning in its first year just might be the one that shows a great new way to approach things!
less then 6 days to the beginning of the 2004 tour!!!

Friday, March 05, 2004

Well- I was able to somewhat function again today so immediately I got as busy as I could. I spent the day struggling through picking up grid wall and goods for up north. Had a great article written in the Journal. I did two interviews with the Fairview Post and the G.P. Herald Tribune. Then as my energy slowly climbed I managed to get into my car and due the mandatory trip I had to make to Slave Lake and Saturday to Manning as the shows begin next weekend. Things are looking very positive. I am hoping for a strong start to the tour. I hope this 10 hour tour of driving doesn't bring back the bug... arrrgh.
The ads have now started on CKUA and will run on and off now for about 5 weeks. CBC ads will be starting soon as well. We are now in show mode. Coming to a town or city near you!! Here is to 2004.... Its a year of new beginnings!!!
It has been a rough week health wise for me so I have not been able to do anything that I wanted or needed to do. Its very frustrating but at least I believe I am getting healthier now. I have had to cancel meetings in Calgary and in Northern Alberta simply because I could not even physically get into my car as I was feeling so horrible. However Thursday afternoon I felt good enough that I was able to go pick up some grid wall for Jeanne Crandall, Shireen Douma and Michelle Vekved. I also was able to meet with Max from Redengine and did a photo shoot for a feature article in the Journal for NOA. Had a few calls I handled yesterday and then quickly back to bed in the hopes of shaking this. I HAVE to drive to Slave Lake and Manning on Saturday so I am hoping I am better soon.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been hit hard by the cold flu bug and am barely able to make it off the couch. Its been 5 days now of this and I am run right into the ground. The magazine proof is supposed to be ready today. Should be exciting to see. I'll have to pour myself into the car to get a look at it. I have a Rotary Club guest speaking adventure tomorrow as well as a presentation to Kids Up Front board members in Calgary and a meeting with a team builder who may get some good quality painting party connections for us. Problem is right now I can;t speak. And I am not sure if I can even drive. I am in full rest mode today. Yesterday I was still trying to do work and I think that I only got worse health wise.
I hope I am better by tomorrow because it could be a very valuable day for the show with the various meetings I have.