Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Its so funny here. Its like the elves and the shoemaker. Every day we leave the congress show hall we arrive the next morning and elves have been working overnight to make our area more beautiful. Today we arrived to beautiful ocean blue carpet all around our mural. Our flowers were arranged beautifully and a bigger space opened up around the mural for patrons to view the mural for the official opening tomorrow.

Its so wonderful to be here.

On top of that the response and the crowds continually to impress us.

Today I spent the day talking to guests and explaining the mural while Paul built the ark. Yes...thats right...Paul built the ark! He spent the day building our mural in a book mural reproduction of Noah's Ark made up of wildlife images. He is the master of cut and paste I must say. I would be more defined as butcher and waste when i do projects that require straight lines and steady hands. Yes...I am an artist...but I am notorius for going outside the lines.

So we are set for an exciting opening day in the USA. Looking forward to the official beginning!

How about the US debate last night...hmmmm feedback?


Anonymous said...

Great work, Guys! I've spent a good amount of time documenting the process from my end, that of painting one of the panels.

It's great to see how the entire project goes together.

Donna Ridgway said...

I'd give a lot to be in Ohio, to see the mural! If I really look hard, I can see my painting there. It's great to be part of this. Perhaps, someday, it will come to Montana! I'll see it then. Congratulations, it looks beautiful. And thanks for all your hard work to make this so successful.