Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm off and writing again today. Lots to write about after saturday and sunday. I missed the last couple of days as I have had some challenges here. Saturday night my lap top went on the blitz so I have had no access to my computer. Paul has allowed me use of his and hopefully mine can be fixed today. I have also been dealing with incredible shoulder pain. FRUSTRATING!! But then last night I found out someone broke into my home back in Edmonton so needless to say..I am ready to leave here any day soon now.

But on a good note the weekend was wonderful and interesting to say the least!
As i mentioned ...or warned haha- Len came to town! The legend himself...and well...with this smug look how can you not expect interesting things to happen.

Not only Len came to town but the highly anticipated arrival of our wonderful local team of artists from here- Mary Singer, Delia Pacheco, Pat Getha, Cindy Bryden and Leslie Zantow all spent the day with us. What a GREAT day!!

We have so enjoyed meeting the artists. What a great spirit behind this project. After the amazing Calgary experience with Michelle Grant, Wendy Palmer, Paula Hawkes, John Stone...etc etc ( if I named all the Calgary artists guests I'd need another full blog haha) I had no idea we could have another experience that would be so enjoyable. It is like meeting your long lost family. We shared some great laughs and even some tears. Delia surprised me with a beautiful painting of my little dog Roscoe who just recently passed away. I was overwhelmed and had to take a few minutes to gain my composure. The gesture was so touching and the painting of course moved me and brought back memories of good days.

The ladies were great companions for the weekend sharing wonderful stories and becoming celebrities around our booth. Crowds flocked to the mural and when they learned the artists were there - well - autographs were in demand. The ladies were heroes for the day as the amazed audiences were so thrilled to meet the actual artists in the mural.
Len provided great entertainment as well. He joined us in "bragging" up the artists in the mural. He had all of us in stitches and had many of the viewers of the mural came back as much tohear Len's one liners as they did to see the mural. There is so much pride in this mural. Len really showed how amazed he was with what the artists had done by how he passionately talked about the mural.

All day long Len bantered teasingly back and forth with the ladies until it came to a head! Mary Singer set him straight though!!

One whack with the magic cane and Len was immediately transformed into a workhorse- literally-and was sent off to get us all Cinnamon Rolls. He galloped over and waited in line like the rest only to find out they don't serve horses. So no cinnamon rolls for us.

Pat Getha brought her son out for the day too! What a treat he was. He was such a great little guy. He spent the entire day with us and was the happiest mural viewer ever. He never complained once and smiled the whole day long! What a wonderful joy to be around.

Lastly- if this doesn't show the beauty of this mural I don't know what does.


delia said...

Thank You guys for being so kind! what a joy to meet you and see the most colorful and beautiful mural. It's hard to really see the grandness through a picture on the computer. I enjoyed watching people craning their necks to view all the panels...I was also amazed how colorful and bright it is, like jewels in a collection. We certainly had a wonderful time and do hope that you get to meet many more of the was fun! God Bless You guys...

TrottierJS said...

Oh No Phil!! I'm so sorry to hear your house was broken into! What bad timing too!! I hope next month is a better one for you! Hang in there!

Ruth said...

My goodness,,, again I am struck emotionally, yes that still happens each time I see pics of the mural..
I sure I had wonderful time in Calgary seeing the unveiling. So hang in there. Truth is no one tires of hearing "everyone love the mural"
Ruth Thiessen panel 204