Saturday, January 31, 2004

I went to visit Holly at the U of A hospital where her son Matt is in Edmonton today. He is in rough shape as he is currently in a coma and Dr.s aren't sure yet what degree he has been injured. But its a difficult situation for everyone and all we can do is pray that Matt recovers. I saw Holly and Sandy as well as Derek- the good friend of Matt who he was riding with at the time of the accident- and his family. I really felt for Derek as you could really see on his face the concern for his friend.
In true Holly form- even in a time of such difficulty she stops and hands me over 8 sponsors she lined up for the show in G.P. just prior to the accident. She never ceases to amaze me. We sat and chatted about how these challenging times are really a reality check. Problems that seemed so difficult before suddenly don't even have any relevance at all. Holly and her family are a great inspiration to me. I pray that their strength , hope, faith and positive attitude will allow them to rise above this challenging time and it all works out in the end.
Friday was a mixed emotions day...
The day started off with a blizzard and I met with a new bookkeeper and also with a new publicist. NOA is getting to be a massive project so more delegation must be involved. Spent the day co-ordinating venues, adding a new artist to the show in Manning, and confirming details on my solo show. Also spent a few hours working on my BIG mural for the Grant Fuhr Arena.
Then the bad news arrived...
Late Thursday night Holly Crichton- one of our amazing artists and most amazing person - learned that her youngest son matt was seriously injured in a head on car accident in Northern Alberta. His condition is not good but it is also not known how severe at this time. Its amazing how it takes something like this to put everything back into perspective again. All our prayers are with Matt and his family right now. Nothing is more important with NOA right now then what the Crichtons are facing. Please keep them in your thoughts and in your prayers....

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Well- survived the flu bug and was back at it today! Met with Lewis and we went and scoped out the venue at West Ed for the centennial mural project. Its a big project ahead of us. But could be even bigger payback in the long run! We discussed things in great detail and also met with Debbie Boodram at CBC. Things definitely have potential!! Have been dealing with little blips here and there and at the same time trying to find time to do my mural. Tickets are now on sale in Slave Lake and in Manning. G.P. and Fairview start next week as does Calgary and Edmonton.
Friday looks busy as I am ading a publicist to the mix in Edmonton and am hoping to find new leads for Painiting party participants. At least I have my health back now which is good.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

All this traveling and running around has caught up to me as I am very sick today. Maybe I have the chicken virus??? Anyways- more sponsors coming in slowly in different parts of the country. We are doing quite well actually. I am in Edmonton - home sweet home- but it feels like the north pole today as it is about minus 1 million degrees!! Combined with the chicken virus it makes it hard for me to be productive. We are almost set to go to press with the invitations. These are sooo sweet! Cathy has really done an amazing job!
Must go back and lie down.. must get better arrrghh....

Monday, January 26, 2004

Up early today and off and running. Sat with Cathy and went over changes to the invites, discuss important deadlines and celebrated her new job that she got today!!! Yea Cathy!! Left Cathy's and went out and got posters and invites made for my own solo show in Calgary on February 5th at Ben Venuto's. Then went to the NOA Gallery and talked shop with Christine Leinweber for a couple of hours. Left Calgary at 1 p.m. and trucked on back to Edmonton. Of course the roads were nasty... I am sure it will clear up now though as I am done driving for 4 or five days. Hectic day as we are trying to get the last few BIG corporate sponsors on board for this years show in Edmonton and Calgary. No rest for the wicked....
Spending tonight emailing back and forth info to cathy for invitations. Good news from Denise in Edmonton and Michelle in Slave lake - sponsors located! Also Ilan has lined us up a TV interview for Summer to do one of her corporate painting - spiritual painting classes on CTV Wednesday! Should be another late night as lots to do and the hour glass is running quickly....
Late night or early morning. I am in Calgary now and am about to relax after another long day. Met with Cathy Stevenson and discussed the NOA magazine - which is looking amazing!!! I am also trying to get ready for my solo show at Ben Venuto's on February 5th. Lots of promoting to do! Man... 8 NOA shows, my own solo show and a mural to complete all before the end of the first week of February haha ewwww.
I went and saw Ann Vriend and Jen Kraatz while in Calgary. Great show in a cozy location- Karma. Lots of talent in the room. Met Doug from Canada Disc and chatted with Chris "Skippy" Sturwold. Discussed ways to create more advantages for musicians.
NOA gallery in Edmonton got a face lift today. Good job!!
Hopefully the weather stays good and I can get back home to Edmonton tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Well returned from Slave lake late last night. Fought through a snow storm heading up north and also heading back. I think the snow gods want to make sure I never relax on my NOA travels.
I had a great meeting with Karina Pillay-Kinney and Michelle Vekved and Shireen Douma. The three of them showed a lot of energy and desire and it makes me confident that Slave Lake will be a good show. Also I signed on another local musical group- Carla Boisvert and Blair Kennedy!

Other good things- I have Alicia Simms and Crystal Schmidt helping now with the sponsorship. Should prove very successful! Today I must work on my mural, finish going over the invitations with Cathy and then head to Calgary for another battle with the snow gods on the highway.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Today is the first day of my documenting the growth of Night of Artists. I will try to give an overview daily of the good the bad and the ugly- and the pretty, the happy and the exciting!!
I look forward to sharing the growth of NOA with our followers and I thank all of you who support the arts and our show!! When Night of Artists is througout North America it will be all the people who believed in us in our infancy that will make this all a reality!!