Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Friday to you all!! I am in a great mood today as life gets better and better. I am thrilled to be creating new projects and today we are meeting with the Capital Ex to discuss the NOA mini show and an amazing Mosaic that Lewis Lavoie may be creating this summer "Live".
Also Chapters in Edmonton has graciously offered to work with us on our NOA magazine and Earth's Treasure Chest book.
I will be on Whyte Avenue in front of the Paint Spot Saturday if anyone wants to chat about NOA, see the Earth's Treasure Chest project or see my own personal work.

Today is a good day to show some more art. So go bid on the ark...time is ticking to the deadline

Have a great day y'all

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Exciting things continue to happen. The VIP NOA mag launch party is next week. Invite only so sorry to those of you who want to come but weren't invited :-(. Tts what the big show is for on the 11th-13th.
I am working on many things right now including the forthcoming Guitar Women tour for October. I am now going to be working with a US partner on the project to bring it to a new level and hopefully create some big things- on both sides of the border.

Today I thought I would feature a band ot two from this years show. Here is Alexia Melnuchuk and Lara Yule Singh and Kristilyn Robertson. These guys are moving up in the circuit and we are thrilled to have them in our show.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mother's Day weekend is going to be great!! Did you get your tickets yet? 420-1757...ya know you want to come to the just do it!

I'm up at 4 a.m. today. Just can't sleep. I am going to walk to the gym, enjoy the peace and tranquility of a city that is more or less still sleeping. I love that feeling.

Then I will get home and walk my best bud old blind dog who will follow me anywhere and listen to every word I say. A leash on this dog is a waste of time because he listens better then any child and you don;t see kids on leashes. Oh wait...yes you do haha.

Anyways- Today will be a marketing day as we keep pushing the show. Lots of preparations happening as we get closer to the day. I am getting very excited about what lies ahead. I want to focus on a few more paintings from the mural that people should start bidding on.

The whole mural will be at the show so you might as well start bidding and then come se it live.

We have Helena Ball's Polar Bears, Heather Brewsters Iguana and Lewis Lavoie's Gorilla. You can OWN these original paintings! Go bid ya later.... my day just is beginning.

Monday, April 23, 2007

GOT YOUR NOA festival TICKETS YET??? 420-1757... get em fast!! Weekend passes are the way to go baby!!

Hey there

Had a great day Sunday hanging out at Earth Day talking about the mural and the show. The people were warm and friendly even though the weather was not. Had a lot of interest in the festival and the auction!

Today I spent the day meeting with sponsors and talking about the show. Met with Chris Allen at CKUA and did a segment on the show which will be aired later next week. Saw Peter North and had a chat. Always good to see him. Mari Sasano from the Edmonton Journal emailed me today and plans on doing a feature as well.

Also working on the third Guitar Women show for October 5th 2007. Lots of cool stuff coming up.

More later...........

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Did you get your tickets yet?? 420-1757.... don't miss the big weekend festival!!
Did you bid on a painting yet?? your gonna wish you had!!

Its the weekend and I'm off and running. Heading off to the gym this a.m. for a good start to the day. I am really excited that BILL BOURNE, MADAGASCAR SLIM , AND LESTER QUITZAU -"TRICONTINETAL" are coming to perform at the Night of Artists festival. Its going to be a great show! Actually the whole weekend is going to be great with Ellen McIlwaine/Cassius Khan, Souljah Fyah, Anne Vriend....and so much more.

I had a great meeting with Paul Lavoie and Lewis Lavoie yesterday. We are hoping to create an exciting event at the Capital Ex this year. I also am preparing for the big VIP magazine launch on May 3rd. Should also be very exciting.

I am going to showcase a few more paintings today- David Birch, Otter- Beth Dunlop, Rooster- LeeAnn Jones-Blue Poison Dart Frogs online at

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two posts today. JUST BECAUSE I HATE SNOW RIGHT NOW!!!! It's the middle of April and I want to see my grass. Do I hear an AMEN???
I couldn't drive to Calgary tonight because of a blizzard. Whats up with that???
Anyways... on a more positive note- I have the NOA magazine proof in hand and there is lots to be getting excited about. I think all the people involved in the magazine and guests reading it are really going to enjoy it very much.

If you are reading this you have your weekend pass for NOA yet? If not get 'em fast. They are the hot ticket so don't miss out. $45 for a weekend of 8 musical groups, TANGENT, Mothers Day Fashion show.... THE MIGHTY MIGHTY MURAL MOSAIC!!!

Even the legend himself- LEWIS LAVOIE painting live paintings all weekend long...well twice anyways :-). Get your tickets at 420-1757 and visit

Come one come all :-)!! Tickets at 420-1757 see the mural at

Man...Its snowing today! When is this winter going to end!!!!

Well yesterday had a great meeting with the Capital Ex as we try to turn the ex into a great art exhibit. I think its going to be great! We have the first ever NOA mini show happening so that's exciting!! Over 200 miniature paintings 5x7 in size on display. Should be very cool!

Also had discussions with the Leonard Cohen Festival and our Leonard Cohen art show in September will be really funky. I am of to Calgary today as I am driving the proofs down to be reviewed by our wonderful designer Cathy Stevenson. Quick visit then right back again!

So all is moving ahead. I am working on the fall Guitar Woman show as well. That seems to e going quite well also.

So - time for some new images for this page again today to promote the auction at Today's images are Jesse Wolski's - Dolphins, Bernadette McCormack's - Hummingbird, and Lorraine Sherwood's- Macaw's. BID ON THESE and over 216 other

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey... its cloudy and cold and they say its going to snow today. I thought it was spring!!! Well- things are shaping up nice for the show. CKUA's Chris Allen contacted me yesterday to do a special segement on NOA on his Arts Alive program. I also had a great meeting with Trevor Wiltzen regarding a Mural Mosaic for STARS. I spent the day doing a lot of walking in between meetings. Had a good visit with Lewis Lavoie and Paul Lavoie as well - discussing Mural Mosaic projects. Probably the most exciting news of the day though was ....WE COMPLETED THE 4th annual edition of NOA magazine and today it is off to the printers. So it looks like another magazine goes into the NOA collection and creates more history for our national event.

I have to run off to walk my wonderful blind little hound. Before I go though- today's feature painting are by LEWIS LAVOIE- gorilla, LISA LUKAN- white tiger, LYNN KINGHAM- Musk-ox. BID ON THESE SQUARES at

Monday, April 16, 2007

Its one month until the Ark auction closes so I am going to try to feature some images you should go bid on. I will only put up one today because I need to go to bed. Tonight I am
featuring Darlene Hildebrandt's Peacock. You will find this wonderful piece in the top row of the mural. Go to and bid on this piece!! You will get this piece and a limited edition print of the entire mural as well if you win the bid. I used to call these beautiful birds "pork hawks" when I was a kid. Don't know where that came from...other then I was just completely whacked!!

Hey- Where is Phil is back on the NOA website! I have been bugged about this link being removed ever since i took it down three years ago. Well... Where's Phil is back and i will do my best to keep you informed. I have been getting things ready for the NOA show this year in Edmonton. The 11th year of this craziness. But what a show its going to be! The finale is going to be fantastic!! Plus the farewell to the Ark is going to be emotional as we have toured all over with this beauty. I hope you people are all bidding on the mural squares at

I am up late working with Cathy Stevenson on the NOA magazine. Its looking really good but I am feeling really tired. Not sure how I ever did 10 NOA shows in one spring. This one this year feels like enough for me ha.

More later....