Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well - the highs of the mural are starting to drop a little bit and now the fatigue of the past two major events is hitting me. I just went to Calgary and back in a day and will be doing that drive three more times in the next 8 days. So it will be a bit exhausting. Especially since the givernmenet decided to gouge us even more with gas hikes!!! Sheeesh! The show in Calgary is shaping up as good as the others and I am once again excited to be heading into the 6th NOA show. Three more to go and then we begin the plans for expansion of NOA in 2005 to four new locations bringing our city count to 12 in total. Also bringing us one step closer to crossing the country and bringing artists together. Although tonight my thoughts are more about bringing my eyelids together. I am so lucky to have had such a great bunch of people to work with this year. Sooooooo lucky and I am thankful. Makes me believe even more so that there is a bigger purpose to NOA then just art...

Monday, April 26, 2004

- yikes- when I started doing this diary i thought it would be easy to keep up. But apparently its not so easy when you have to deal with a billion emails from across the country daily and also organize shows and hang out painting amazing murals with amazing people.

Well- this year is a bit of a dream. 5 shows- 5 amazing experiences... and an amazing group of people sharing wondrous moments. I can't believe my life this year and the incredible things that are finally happening. If there is one thing I want to share with everyone it is this- if you are passionate about what you are doing, and you truly believe that what you are doing can make a difference.... and you are having fun... someday all the pieces will fit. This year is the first year the pieces are fitting the way they should. The mighty mural project is a perfect example of that dream. I have never, ever, never, ever experienced such an amazing feeling as watching the artists come together and share their creativity, their thoughts, their stories, their frinedship and ... the results were even more beautiful. i am so honoured to have so many good friends though this show. NOA is an extension of my family.
Next stops include Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver. Its going to be an amazing Summer....

Saturday, April 17, 2004


Its 2 a.m. and I have just returned home from the Night of Artists opening night in Edmonton. What a show it was. I have never seen such a fine display by the troops. The fashion segment was amazing and the bands shone. From start to finish I was impressed by all that transpired. We also sold three more mural squares!!! We are doing really well and things are looking so positive for NOA. I can't thank everyone enouhg for all their efforts. Truly amazing!!

Next stop - poetry afternoon. A first for NOA.... who knows what will hapen at that. Shouild be another wonderful adventure!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The eve before set up for the biggest NOA show of the year. Three days of creative brilliance including artists, musicians, dancers, poets, and just about everything you can think of. Not sure who I am kidding when I think I can pull off this weekend show yikes haha. Actually- the people in the show this year are amazing so that is how it will work so well. CBC and the Journal have been wonderful in their support as has CKUA. I am now big fans of all three. Or should I say an even bigger fan then I was before. NOA is finally becoming a known entity in Edmonton on many levels. Still a long way to go but we grow every day.

We had a great corporate painitng party yesterday. Summer did a great job and I look forward to bringing the concept out west. It was amazing what these teams came up with. Absolutely stunning!

We have had great media attention as we have ben on Global, Shaw, Achannel and CTV tomorrow. Not to mention regular plugs on CBC and CKUA.

The mural project is reallly coming together nicely as well. Since I figured that a three day NOA show wasn;t taking up enough of my time I felt we should do this mural project the following weekend. I think my days are almost filling up now. Maybe I can squeeze in a few things in the spare hours between midnight and 6 a.m..

I have decided to re-learn my French actually as we desire to take this show out East to ontario and Quebec. We want to bring the country together through art and I think this show can do it. I also want to be able to speak the language of my heritage and also be able to talk art with the people of Quebec. I just retruned from there and i love the arts scene.
So I guess French class will be taking place at 1 a.m. until 3 a.m.. Now I just need a hobby of some sort....hmmmm

Next stop- THE BIG SHOW .... Here we go!! Ya gotta believe that good days lie ahead. I do believe it and because of that belief... it will be that way!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Just got back from Calgary where we bid farewell to Jake Mulyk as she moves herself and her artwork west to Vancouver. She will be a great addition to the coast NOA scene. Had a great meeting with Barb Radu at Kids up Front who is really doing a fabulous job getting ready for the NOA big event.
The Calgary show looks like it has great potential for a sell out at 800 guests.
The NOA mural project is coming together as well as images are selling across the country. The weekend of April 23rd and 24th will really be amazing!!

The Edmonton show is also shaping up incredibly well. The Saturday night is looking more and more like a sell out. Very exciting!!

I am actually home for the easter weekend which will be nice and i can spend some time with the family. The calm before the strom as the next two weeks will be full of incredible excitement. NOA will be on Global Tuesday a.m., Shaw cable for 24 hours non stop on the 14th, A-Channel morning show on the 15th, CFRN on the 15th, A-Channel again on the 19th... it is just non stop go go go!!

Things are really happening and this years show should be a great success!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well- another production at the CBC studios in Edmonton that went over really well. performers were wonderful and it was exciting to see all the new art that is being created for the NOA show in Edmonton this year.
I can not believe the amount of work on our plate right now. We have Global Big Breakfast on Tuesday, Corporate painitng Party on Tuesday night, CFRN at lunch on Thursday, Set up Thursday night, Gala Dinner Fridat night, poetry workshop Saturday, Cocktail Gala Saturday and then the Folk Afternoon on Sunday. Not to mention getting all the artwork going for the mural.... yikes!!! The mighty mural project is Huge and will be something to behold when it comes together.

Exciting to see that Maria Miranda and Karel Doruyter are making the trek from Victoria. NOA is really making some good progress this year.
My head is spinning from all the activity that is happening around me. Calls everyday with new opportunities for the group. I can't keep up. So I am going to get some sleep so I am rested as I have to head to Calgary to get that show rolling and make sure we are all set on that front as well.

After being out in Ottawa and Quebec and realizing the love for the arts those cities posses- I have decided to go back to school and learn my french. Phil Alain will become Philippe Alain so when we go to the East with NOA I can speak with the people who love what we are doing out there as well!

Busy busy busy....

Monday, April 05, 2004

Hey all

Just returned from Ottawa, Quebec City and Chicoutomi. Had a great visit with Sue and alos looked at potential venues for Night of Artists Ottawa style. Now I am back home and preparing all the details for NOA Edmonton. Big show on the 16th-18th. We have a mini version at CBC on Wednesday at noon. Its a one hour performance showcasing what will be occuring that weekend.

Then off to calgary Thursday to arrange show details there.
so far all the shows have sold out and Edmontons April 17th gala is headed that direction as well. Already we are at close to 400 people attending! Very exciting!!
Lots to do so I must fly. Just thought I'd drop a quick update notice.