Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The mural is cruising along! Daily we receive new panels it seems. We love the diversity of the styles and the subject matters!!

The first official artist panel to arrive was done by Landon Peters. It was exciting to get his panel back so quickly!!
Then we also had Mairi Budreau who was equally quick but was open to sharing her creative process with the artist team on facebook. She tweaked her painting as she went along and created a fabulous masterpiece of her husband who once was a Canada Summer games power lifter competitor!
Another artist who jumped on the project quickly was Hanne Lore Kohler- wow...she has been so supportive of all the artists work and at the same time has created a stunning colorful Kayaker in rough waters...beautiful
And then of course was the extremely unique and wonderfully creative overhead view painting by Andrew Giffin! You can feel the oars going into the water...stunning...
Its like Christmas around here as we get emailed painting after painting. The mural is coming to life and its very exciting to see!!
This blogging will be fun but adds another job to my administrating to the artists, trying to paint and all the other good stuff these murals bring. I sure love it though...meeting such talented artists from across the country through these projects is so wonderful!!
I have to get some sleep though as my 1 year old likes to wake up at 4:45 a.m. these days so my nights are short.
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