Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well.... made it home from the coast. Lost of interesting things happened and things are looking very positive - out on the island especially. We have some really exciting things happening sponsorship wise and the community is showing much more interest this year. Sidney is very much an old school community so new ideas are always a tough sell. There are some that really turn their noses up at what we are doing and some that are thrilled at a new idea finally coming to their community. Its not because they don't like it- just because its different. Once we get past a few shows on the island they will understand that different is good and it will only make things more interesting out there. If we all did the exact same art shows the world would get pretty darn boring fast! I really look forward to converting some new followers in the Sidney area.
Back at home now I am focusing on getting the magazine ready for print and chatting with Cathy our amazing designer.

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