Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Crazy day crazy!!
Running like mad today. I was making posters early this a.m.. Then I was putting together invoices and tickets/invites to ship up north. I had a TV slot today with CTV. Summer did her painting party with the media and it was great!!! Wow what a wonderful job she did!! This painting party will be a great thing!Graham Neal from CTV had such a good time that he painted for about 2 hours longer then I thought he would. It put me waaaaay behind schedule for the day. Went to Red Strap Market to check up on our NOA display. Went to meet with my printer. Did a phone interview with the producer of the Vicki Gabereau show. May be on national TV next week! Went to Lewis' place and got my mural ready for transport to the big launch. Watched our interview on TV- it was great!!
Had a meeting with NOA artists and distributed the tickets and invites!!
Spent the late night writing out sponsors...
Now to bed as I have to hang my mural at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning...

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