Thursday, February 12, 2004

I have been very busy today but today is dedicated to Holly's son once again and we need your prayers still...
Here is an update from Holly for all of you. Today is Matti's day- send your thoughts and prayers his way...

Holly's email:
"Matti's brain is not swelling anymore, the main problems have been with his physical injurys causing complications now. Today is day 14 of the coma. he knows we are in there with him, you can tell because when he isn't in a deep sleep he will grip your hand and twiddle with things (with his left hand). I am hoping that as his body gets a chance to heal a bit he will start to come out of the coma.
I am fine, I have been lucky enough to stay in outpatient residence right downstairs in the hospital and have had all kinds of support from friends and family I have been reading everything on brain injury and have also had quite a bit of experience from my rehab travels, I am preparing myself for the worst and will consider every step over that as a blessing. I think that if we are prepared to deal with the serious outcome that brain injury can present we will be the most help to Matti, I can say this right now because I'm having a strong moment, believe me it is so up and down but I think i am basically a realist and will deal with whatever i have to."

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