Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well Friday came and went. Lots going on for sure!!
Went to west Ed Mall early and recieved payment for my mural. Then went to mail off all the invocies to all the sponsors. Had a meeting with the Edmonton Journal about their sponsorship. Went out and bought 14 grid wall for the artists in Calgary! Went out and got tickets printed for Los Morenos on March 28th!! Talked to Sonia at CKUA about our ads for the shows. Set up meetings in Vancouver. May add Mocking Shadows to Vancouver tour. Looks like we may be adding a latin dance ensemble for Victoria as well!
After all the craziness I went to watch 8 talented musicians perform at Blue Bird North. Including- Sue Foley and Tal Bachman. Great night all around!!
Saturday is Valentines day and I am off to Calgary!

Holly also had good news on the Matti front and his coma/accident injuries. I hope he continues to go in the positive direction. I love those "good" emails!

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