Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wow- another long crazy day! Started off with a phone call from Carnegie Hall where I am looking at doing a crazy N.O.A. event in 2005. Yes that's right... I am crazy!! But they are actually into it thus far! Then I had a great phone meeting with Scotiabank Victoria and they are not only a major sponsors but it looks like they are going to bring a large crowd of people with them to the event. Did some dealings with Calgary sponsorship. Confirmed that we have the Edmonton Journal on board for this year. So Edmonton Journal; and CBC. Good mix!!
Picked up all the tickets for distribution for Alberta today. So tickets can officially go on sale next week!
Packed up my vane and headed south to Calgary where this afternoon I set up my 18 piece, all 3 feet x 4 feet or bigger - art show. Looks good in the venue I have chosen. After the set up I went to support cathy at her solo show. Beautiful new work she has done! Very exciting!! Now I am at my favorite couch in Calgary. Need some sleep as tomorrow is my solo show. I forgot all my dress clothes in my haste today so I should look like a real artist tomorrow. Maybe I will wear my toque for effect!

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