Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well- amazing day today!! Two artists went out and lined up $5000 worth of sponsors in one afternoon in Slave lake! They simply approached over 30 businesses and did an amazing job in finding the support we needed. The show is now officially a success before we even sell a ticket!
I spent the morning loading and packaging up art stuff and then went out and painted a mural all day long of Grant Fuhr. It looks like I will get to meet the Hall of Famer as he will be there to unveil my mural!! Wow!!Also discussed the mural project more with Lewis. Paul sent off all the invites today for printing! Can't wait to see them!
Now I am back home getting ready to go to Calgary again to look for sponsors and to also set up the last few paintings of my show and put on my show. Also I am going to meet with Cathy and go over some of the magazine stuff!

Carnegie Hall called me today.... hmmmm. I let them know that NOA was interested in possibly renting their space months ago. Now they are getting back to me about something... wonder what it is????

No new word on either Holly's son or Bernadette's dad. I am praying they will both recover.

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