Monday, February 16, 2004

I missed the last couple of days for entries as I have been on the road. I left Saturday for Calgary and had a great day off for valentine's day. I went to say an amazing show featuring Sue Foley, Tal Bachman(hit song "She's So High"), Haydain Neale (Jack Soul) , Rusell Decarle (Prairie Oyster) Shari Ulrich,Alanna Levodovski, and Lynn Miles. Wow... Sue Foley was my favorite of course ;-) however I love all of them. What a night. Sunday I was at and at em in Calgary and set up work at the NOA gallery in Calgary, met with Cathy and went over the magazine details and got some promotional work done. I delivered grid wall and postcards to Calgary and like the loser that I am I proceeded to smash one of the grid wall right into the canvass of one of Theresa Edwards paintings BAH!!! Luckily it was her FAVORITE painting so at least I went for the best!! Arrrrgghhhh
Drove to Banff on Sunday night and saw the show again with Sue Foley. Wonderful night ! Really enjoyed sitting and chatting with such amazing talented people. They were all so down to earth and very good people. It was a great adventure sitting in the green room hanging with musicians that have done sooooo much. Learned the pros and cons of the industry and also learned that there are so many good people in this world. This group of musicians are now a group that I will really pay attention too and watch what they do next!! Really like Haydain Nealle and Russell Descarle. Two very decent guys.
Drove back from Banff at 6 a.m. this morning and quickly set up another complete solo show at Zenari's and am now off to the launch of my mural of Grant Fuhr. I will be incredibly swamped the next ten days as we scramble to get the last few details added to the magazine and get it off to the printers. The first NOA magazine is about to be launched!!
Then off to Vancouver Tuesday to do show stuff out there and firm up everything on the coast!

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