Saturday, February 28, 2004

As the shows start to arrive my time is less and less available so my entries into my diary have fallen off a bit. I am finally at home after three days in Calgary and then straight up north to Slave Lake. Lost of travel lots of sleeping on couches and friends spare rooms. Thank God I have Been blessed with good friends or this show would make me soooo broke. Although sleeping on couches does not allow me the good sleeps and unfortunately I have gotten sick today. But I will push on. Lots happening as show deadlines approach. Serious marketing begins. Radio ads will be starting, interviews are beginning to be solicited. Lots of positive signs of good days ahead. Posters are being placed in northern Alberta and the hype is rising as we had plenty of corporate support in northern ALBERTA. Its shaping up pretty darn good in Victoria as well.
I must sleep so I can survive the next few months...

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