Saturday, February 06, 2010

Working in the studio today doing the Olympic shuffle. What does that mean you say? Well...I guess its the same as butterflies in your stomach. Knowing we are responsible for representing over 180 artists work as best we can at an international event is a bit unnerving.But we also have done it before so there is the hidden confidence. But you never know what can happen. We have to drive through the mountains in winter time from Edmonton to Vancouver and will probably have to do it in one day so that itself will be a bit of a stress. There is no second chances to get the mural there so we better not have any problems. I will document the weather and the driving as we go. Say lots of prayers and cheer us on so it all goes smoothly.

I know from my perspective this mural is going to be a very special one. We have had so many honors in our lives with the murals. international TV shows, magazine features and even a special moment with Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. But here we are now heading to be part of one of the biggest events in the world!!! Pretty darn exciting!! We are also thrilled because we have such an incredible team of artists in the mural as well. Roy Henry Vickers, April White, Judy Baca, WYLAND, Charity Dakin, Gordon Henschel, Keith Holmes, Kenna Fair etc etc and of course ROBERT BATEMAN who I am so honored to once again have in the mural. As we all know artists have incredibly busy schedules as it is so any artist taking the time to be in the mural is so appreciated. Mr Bateman has twice participated in our murals so for him to share his time twice is truly an honor. But these are only a few of the artists. There are over 180!!!! I always want to name them all as no one is more important then the other as each painting is necessary to make the mural come to life. So check out the mural team at this link here

So as a preview to the incredible art within the mural watch this video!! You will see that the mural is going to be pretty amazing!!!

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stanw said...

Wow, this experience will be so awesome for you guys, hope you get lots of exposure at the Olympics. Pray for sure that you have a safe journey on the roads and set up and everything goes as planned.