Monday, February 08, 2010

Robert Bateman Rod Charlesworth
Charity Dakin Michelle Grant

Well its late and I am trying to get my blog in for the day. We have decided to leave one day earlier for Vancouver to be safe so the workload today was a bit heavier. I fully expect tomorrow to be even more so. We spent today making signage, making sure we had all the tools to build the mural wall, double check all the paintings and anything else we could think of...which seemed to be never ending. At the same time some media popped by and did some interviews as we packed. So needless to say it was a full day. We had full intentions of posting a video today but time just didn't allow it. Not to mention dealing with emails, making sure all our angles are covered when we arrive in Vancouver as far as accommodations and loading the mural in etc. Luckily so far all has fallen into place. We always wish we had an extra week (or two) but we don't. Just days now until the big day so no sense wishing for options we do not have. So rather then blogging too late tonight I better get to bed and put in a good shift tomorrow. Lots of people counting on us so rest is probably the wise move and get a fresh start in the a.m..
My goal is to show some good photos of us getting ready tomorrow. AND...a video.... :-).

KUNAMOKST workshop from Red Letter Films on Vimeo.

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