Friday, February 05, 2010

Gosh- I can;t believe how busy it is getting ready for the Olympics. On top of that i spent the last two days at the teachers convention talking about the murals and how they are great ways to unite people and are wonderful projects not only for artists but for students. Its great to work with students on these murals because no matter how small the contribution to these murals and no matter what the skill level- in the end all the students feel an incredible sense of pride and belonging.
I am going to post pictures tomorrow on the mural preparation as I go to the studio and put in a few hours on the weekend as time is running short until we blast off. Then the interesting photo's will start to come to life!

This is my day 3 and 4 countdown on the road to the Olympics...although the blog is still firing up on the interest level for my readers it's a very crazy interesting time with us. I am going to try to post a sneak peak preview on video of some of the amazing art in the mural.

Look for the goods tomorrow!! Keep checking mural mosaic for intersting updates too!!


Lisa Riehl said...

I can't wait to see the finished mural! I painting square 96, and had a great time doing it. I wish I could be at the official unveiling, but I have tickets to an olympic event in Whistler that weekend. But I'm sure I'll see it in person shortly after...

Anonymous said...

When will the Galiano Island unveiling be? I can't get to Vancouver but would love to schedule Galiano in!!