Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 2 on the road to the Olympics. We are busy in the studio trying to get as much organized as possible. Contacting media, getting supplies ready, getting web design set....lots to do. While we do all of this we still have to focus on other projects as well so needless to say we are busy busy. West Vancouver is getting all set for the mural. now know that we will be setting the mural up on February 12th all day in preparation for the big unveiling day on the 13th. Conny Nordin from Galiano has been helping spread the word to the media of this exciting mural being unveiled. It is looking like almost 70-80 od the artists who helped create the mural will be in attendance at the unveiling which is phenomenal!!

There will be photos to be posted soon but here is a news clip from Can West that talks about the mural and the big unveiling coming soon!!

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