Saturday, February 13, 2010

We worked our butts off from sun up to sun down and got the mural hung!! All is set to go and we are very excited. There is a buzz in the venue and already they are saying this is their number 1 feature. Pretty wonderful to hear all the positive comments today.
Things went smoothly although the load in was hard and I must have nicked my hands five times and felt like everytime I stopped bleeding I'd nick my hand again. Luckily my life of a million injuries has trained my body to heal quickly so as fast as I cut myself just as quickly I healed.
Paul and I slugged away with some help from the Centre's staff. We hauled the mural up two flights of stairs, built a wall, then carefully placed all 231 paintings into place. The mural looks AMAZING!!!

We were incredibly excited about how the day was going until I spoke with the media consultant and she shared with me the news of the tragedy on the luge with the athlete dying. It was quite a shock to be in an environment of so much excitement and positive energy and then to learn of a young man losing his life in such a horrible way. I send my prayers out to his family. I can;t imagine the loss.

On other notes I watched the opening ceremonies!!!!!....from my parents home ;-). They were amazing!! Except for the unfortunate technical difficulties and poor Wayne Gretzky having to hitch hike a ride on a truck for 100 km's to light the outdoor flame. Let the games begin!!

...and tomorrow...let the mural be unveiled! I can not wait to see all the artists celebrate over a year and a half of artistic creativity and hard work combined into one beautiful mural! I am so proud of all that contributed and all that have been so supportive since day 1! It is going to be a great day! SEE YOU THERE!~~ 3:00 p.m. -Spirit Square- West Vancouver BC info at


Anonymous said...

So far I love the small piece you show us. Great thank you.
Gulyas Patricia

Diane said...

Love the video and can't wait to see the completed mural. I've said it once, I'll say it again - you guys are amazing!